Journal entry -Belial

Well guys I’ve been working with Belial as I said before I would be giving my experiences with him along the way. My recent invocations with the demonic king has been interesting one thing I asked him about why is this knowledge that they teach considered forbidden and not to touch it why is this wisdom lost. He revealed to me saying nothing is truly lost only forgotten. So I then realized throughout time humanity has fallen away from the teachings of gods and have turned to fear and doubt and now mostly rely on things that really don’t matter like for example if you don’t graduate and you don’t have a degree you will most likely live a pretty unsuccessful life and struggle to maintain day to day life and you won’t be accepted for the job so you can live your life comfortably this is a lie and only a couple examples of beliefs that try and bind us. If we come together and push or magick put the teachings of these gatekeepers to work allow their power to work through our lives and flow thru us you will see change in your life anything you want will happen but it takes dedication!!! I cannot stress this enough i heard this from azazel and now belial. Believe in your self anything is possible if you will it to be!

Now I’m doing a 6 part ritual with Belial and I will be posting it separately but I will explain that briefly here. Belial told me to call him for the next 7 days I came across a ritual to open his gate to the nightside. Last night I began this ritual to Open this gate to the Qliphothic current of Belial
And this is his gate way you may do this all as one ritual but I’m doing the steps separately

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