Journal : Channeling through poetry


It’s running against the wind through the endless fields
It’s shouting at the top of your lungs with no echo
It’s swimming against the tide until it gets the memo
It’s bending to nature’s fate until it yields

It’s touching the sky while standing on your own two feet
It’s bitter truth to swallow with an aftertaste so sweet
It’s gazing at the moon until you soak up its light
It’s unbinding the fears and becoming one with the night

It’s igniting a restless fire that keeps you alive
It’s not hunting to survive but to thrive
It’s mirroring the stars with sparks in your eyes
It’s finding your purpose by making you wise

It’s coming home after the darkest night
It’s feeding your hunger before knowledge takes flight
It’s embracing long lost relatives and letting love blossom
It’s realizing you can make your own choices, that is freedom


Love it. :+1:t2:

Unconditional love between dreams and nightmares

From her first breath came her last breath
A brave new dawn haunted by the past night
Shining full of life yet dimmed by fateful death
Born in inner conflict between dark and light

Beauty surrounds her yet she cries in silence
She gives so much love yet yearns to be set free
Surrounded by many yet dreams of her own island
Sailing through the hypnotizing waters yet lost at sea

When she closes her eyes, they appear in the void
Fearless shadows haunting her till she can’t run no more
Anxiety creeping and eating her up which she can no longer avoid
Sweat and tears drowning her to the floor till she can’t take it anymore

Are these beings bound to her or her to them?
Claiming to be free yet their hunger binds them to her
Claiming herself to be free yet her fears bind her to them
Should she be taught to tame them or them her?

Aren’t they both one and the same?
Wild spirits yearning to be set free?
No hunter, no prey and no one to blame
Finding common ground to which they both agree

Nights have changed and darkness feels forevermore protective
They fall in each other’s arms, running towards the moon light
Side by side reclaiming their power and merging the same objective
Eternal bond of love and fear now learn to take flight in the night

Trust oneself

I restlessly search for your green light in another’s eyes
I obsessively stalk your every move in the oracles
I lay asleep and wait endlessly for you to let me rise
I dream about the day I would be privileged to see your miracles

I can hear the air moving in soundless noise
I can touch life passing by my fingers
I can taste the mortal nectar and its poise
I can smell the breath of emptiness that lingers

For far too long have I never given you a chance
Always casting you aside, too ashamed to be true
Lying all the time by assuming everything in advance
Desperately waiting to exhale but I had no clue

I apologize for all the damaged I caused
I regret those many times I put you on pause
I cry every night hoping you will ever forgive me
I felt so much pain until you decided to heal me

I now draw a smile in the corner of my mouth because I know
I now breath and live you fully because you are inside of me
I now become everyone and everything because you flow
I now hold your hand at every turn as I walk forward in glee

I patiently learned to trust
Although my soul is nothing but dust
It holds the answers to all questions
The ancient wisdom lies in intentions

Dear soul, I now put my trust in you fully.