Journal 1: seeing Lord Shiva

Hello there,
this is my first journal,
Today is Mahashiva ratri, the festival of lord shiva,
so i decided to meditate,
While i was meditating i visualized Mt.Kailash as my friend @triplex_mico told me to do. then I was saying the shiv mantra and i started to feel like I was floating. I was rotating. Then i started saying shiv stotram. and then I saw a man meditating and i am sure he was shiva. then i said Om Namah Shivay then he opened his eyes. Then Next second I was in outer space and I saw him taking the cosmic form. Then he was filled with light then he started doing cosmic dance. I a blessed to see that.
Thank you for reading this. I saw a very clear image of lord shiv.


:crystal_ball: That is very beautiful. :crystal_ball:


Wow, amazing.

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