Jordan Peterson: Maps of Meaning

Carl Jung, the shadow self, PTSD, pinocchio, the rise and fall of cultures, the battle between biology and society, sociopaths, Marduk and Tiamat and many other interesting thing he touches upon in this series.

I don’t completely agree with all of his conclusions but still i’m amazed (all though i should not be at this point) that a lot of what Mr. Peterson says i’ve also got directly from different spirits among them Adamelech, Azazel and Beal. His lectures are long but will worth watching if you have the time.


It’s always cool when you see someone outside the world of magick validating what we already know. Quantum physics is starting to theorize things that make up the very foundation of magick. Interesting times, indeed.


A interesting story unfolding here.

If anyone does not believe there is an absolute war on free speech and not a agenda being pushed especially in universities all over the world, listen to the audio in this link.

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