Joining a fraternity and what you do as a newbie/beginner of a frat

What do you need to go through when you want to join a fraternity? Like independent order of odd fellows, knights of columbus, freemasonry, eastern star, what do you go through in order to become a member? Just interested.



I’m a Freemason and I would say you’d contact your local lodge either through thier website or in person. To be a mason you have to formally inquire with another mason on how to join. I cannot go further than this with you here because of forum rules.

Im not sure about the other orders you’d need to check with them.

Good luck on your search for answers my friend.

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Each group has its own special initiatory rites, so it’s difficult to say. However, some basic info (and in some cases, actual rituals) for some groups can be found online on sites like this one:

I have been initiated into multiple groups, including some you’ve named, and I took oaths to not divulge certain secrets to others. So, I don’t.

Generally, though, if you’re interested in joining a group, or just learning more about it, contact a member. You can often find members’ email addresses online. Or you could show up at any fraternal event that’s open to the public (fundraisers, etc.) You’ll find that most people are happy to talk to newcomers, and if you’re eventually considered for membership, can tell you more about what to expect prior to an initiation. They won’t tell you the ritual in full prior to your experiencing it, of course, because that would defeat the entire point of the initiation.


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As far as Knights of Colombus. You go to weekly meetings and you commit to service in the community and the Catholic Church.


Ah, okay. I guess I can’t pm you about it due to the forum rules as well. I don’t really believe in conspiracy theories so I guess my best bet is just show up, like you said. Many thanks, Mike.

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I’m obviously not a Freemason (woman) but I find the lodge amazing and if it’s not closed due to the pandemic the one near me at least offers tours

When I did take a tour I went with someone who was interested in becoming one and left their details after a long chat with the guide

They never actually heard back but I imagine that’s one way… as they did take down details

Also fairly sure “to be one, ask one” gets said a lot

Anything I’ve been interested in I usually have gone to listen to intro talks on and then spent time going through information provided by them at that point