Job search with angelic powers (Magickal Job Seeker, Sitael, etc). Thoughts anyone?

Hey guys,

Did any of you guys ever manage to find a great job with angelic help? For example, using the ritual in Damon Brand’s Magickal Job Seeker, or the angel Sitael ritual in 72 Angels of Magick.

Out of the above 2 rituals, which one do you think is more potent?

Also, any other recommended angelic rituals for finding a great job?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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A generic ritual for contacting Sandalphon may help to find that kind of job, I watched 1-2 videos by Morino Ravenberg about having “chosen” him as occult manager for financial matters.

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Angel Sitael
Good at it.

He can help you find employment.
He also improves your luck.

Do not stress it, call him though prayer or any angel method you know.
GOM 72 Angels of magick works well too.

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@fapa79 thanks! I never knew Sandalphon handles financial matters…nice tip :smile:

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@Illumia thanks!! Did you ever call Sitael for job purposes? How did it work out? How long did results take to manifest?

Did it work? Did you find a great job?

Hi! I know this is an old thread, but I thought I’d add my two cents.

I employed the angels from Magickal Job Seeker by Damon Brand, and the results were stunningly fast.

After doing the ritual to find a job(I was in between jobs), I received three interviews, and two offers in the same day.

By the end of the week, I had two serious offers that both wanted me. I used my intuition and chose the one that felt right.

That job took me to Rome, working for a very prestigious company.

Hope that helps.