Job search spell help

Ok so I am trying to get me a job and too boost my confidence and make it more effective I am gonna try a spell I found on YouTube .

My question is should I have a pentagram draw on a paper and place the candles on the paper? will it be more effective?

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Thats all for focus. You want things to be neat and in symmetry. If things are all over the place and sloppy I notice it dduring ritual which makes me lose focus.


If you FEEL it will be more powerful then it will become more powerful.


Before I did this spell I did a Lesser banishment pentagram ritual to make sure there is no interference.
Then used sage to cleanse some more then I took a shower.
Now I will need to get my mind of this spell. However I need to repeat it everyday .
Oh and I also decided to add my resume under the pentagram

Let me know if you see something wrong.