Jinn Magick

So 2 nights ago i used baal kadmons method of binding the jinn. I bound it to a pendant i have to help with psychic power. Last night i was sitting at my local gathering spot with some friends and being in florida it was pretty chilly out. I grabbed my pendant and realized it was hot to the touch, not warm but hot. A couple of friends touched it with the same reaction some saying what the fuck? why is that thing so hot. I had already confirmed through my pendulum the jinn was with me but this little event kind of put a stamp on it. I also did some tarot readings and was able to see things in the cards i never have and felt like i just knew everything language they were speaking. Who else has used jinn magick and what was your account like? im not sure how long i should keep it with me but surely it wont be long before i send him home.


Be careful. The jinn are not to be fucked with. I recommend Don’t mess with them at all.

But if you do, I recommend this book:


I have corwins book as well. I have every book the gallary have published and many other on jinn. There are many methods to working with in them. Using baals book was more for its simplicity. Thank you for the advice either way i do appreciate the concern. They are not something i plan on working with a lot at all.

People will have varying opinions of the topic at hand but I personally believe binding a being to an object can be a pretty hot thing to be dealing with. Let’s see where this takes you. Depending on the Djinn used, I believe that you’ve allowed them to be placed somewhere they’ll like or not.

Anchoring a spirit to certain magical objects is not uncommon but to make sure it’s identifiable, mutually agreeable and doesn’t feel as if it’s sinking — then you should be fine. The hot to touch is its presence.

Depending on how you bind them, you can link them to the object so they can come and go as they please and not be forced back, basically like a personal phone to them/ for them to know your location/location of the object, or you can bind them to it where they are stuck to it and within it, in which case after a while they will most likely remember and you’ll be fucked when they’re free or while they’re bound will slowly fuck your life over.

Quite a few Djinn dislike humanity or have a distrust of humanity.


Make sure you release them when you’ve divined they’ve done all they’re going to. I had good results from using the same book. If you’re going to use his method follow it to the letter. There can possibly be ill and severe consequences if not.


I second the book suggestion by @CyberLord. The ritual structure that Hargrove describes is much safer than working solely with the Jinn, and even though I have relatively little experience with the Jinn, I can tell you that this is a very good idea.

His method also enables you to incorporate the wisdom of the Jinn Elders, along with the Jinn King you are summoning, into every ritual. With this Jinn magick, rather than summoning a servant, which cannot act without its master’s permission, you summon the King whose powers and qualities are the best for your situation, and the King will know which servants under his command are best for the job.

If you are afraid that the ritual is too complex, then maybe you should give the instructions another read and take some basic notes. The ritual can take less than five minutes, and you mostly just chant the various names of the spirits, while feeling some emotions in a couple spots. I don’t think you can make it any simpler and still have it work effectively.

I would also generally avoid forcefully binding spirits of any kind. This is something that magicians of old would do out of fear that the spirits had power over them. This is not the case. In fact, the spirits want you to summon them and to ask them to help fulfill your desires. Allowing them to do this gives purpose to their existence and an avenue for them to manifest themselves into the world.

But, of course, this is just my opinion. You are free to do what you will, and to face the consequences of your own magick.


Thank you guys for all the advice. I released it and if i decide to go back down that road again i will take the advice and use corwins method.


I did follow it to the letter. Thank you


I heard this before, that they want to be called this way.

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