Jim Morrison and The Doors mystery

I am interested in music because I am also a musician. I am interested in articles about famous artists who are interested in occult etc. I am curious about the story of Jim Morrison and his band. Morrison has always been a big reader. He was interested in occultism. In one book about him is wrote that he read a Goetia book in high school. He had a lot of LSD and once said: An appearance of the devil on a Venice canal. Running, I saw a Satan or a Satyr, moving beside me, and a fleshy shadow of my secret mind. Running. I wonder what helped The Doors to their great success. Maybe he made some pact, but he was on the stage like an obsessed shaman and the whole band was ruled by him. This was a really special band.What do you thinks guys? Who knows what Morrison tried with occult.

Look this is creepy.Jim was possesed on stage.


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I’m not a musician, but I love music. When I was a kid, my babysitter was a classical old hippie :slight_smile: so, my first favourite bands were Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, etc…
Morrison was in the occult, but also an alcoholic and a drug addict, even the cause of his early death is unknown.
Band’s name comes from the Huxley’s book “The Doors of Perception”- Huxley’s experiences when taking mescaline. Even more, “The Doors of Perception” is a phrase in William Blake’s 1793 poem, who was also a very mystical artist…
I think that no one really knows what he tried with the occult, but it seems like he lived a wild life, spending a lot of time with many well-known people, especially from the occult backgrounds.

Hey, could anybody in this forum tell (if he was reincarnated) who is he now? He could still be a musician for all we know.

And yeah, he’s part of the 27 Club.

I think you summed it up with the shamanic aspect Morrison exuded on stage. If you watch some of the old Doors footage you will notice there is very little difference between what is going on there and when a tribal shaman gets the whole gang up and dancing and moving and howling in front of a bonfire. Amazing energy and a merging of worlds at it’s finest. Also, I think Morrison experimented with “auditory occultism”, for lack of a better phrase. His opus Celebration of the Lizard seems like it was written to put you into a trance state.

Wasn’t one of his girlfriends a witch, Patricia Connealy?


Yes, she was a witch, maybe she cursed him, but I believe that Jimbo was drugged in the toilet in a bar in Paris because of heroin. But there was no body in his coffin…

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Possibly. I thought he died in a bath tub because of powder.Theory one: he liked his coke, took a fat rail of high test, it spiked his blood pressure on top of the drinking, and the hot water finished the job. Theory two: his long time girlfriend Pam liked heroin and she scored some china white dope. Jim thought it was coke and blew a fat rail, overdosing. He may have been in the bath trying to snap himself out of it and checked out.

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One of my favorite bands. The video contains content from eagle rock and is not available in my country.

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