Jesus The "Sun" of God aka El or YHWH

I’ve been working with Christianity for awhile more specific the Roman Catholic church such as the angels and saints etc and participating in the Sunday mass and a lot of things are lining up in a weird way…for one Jesus aka the Son of God has also been said to be a soar deity or the Sun of God aka El or YHWH etc the holy day is Sunday and the Sunday mass is an obligation for the Catholic Church so we basically are worshipping the sun (which gives life to the earth and blesses us with warmth and light for crops) on of course a Sunday the first day of the week along with this every image of Christ in the church has a sun glowing over the head of Christ aka a “Halo” and when he is on the cross the Ray’s of the sun shine down upon him from the sky so basic point is the Catholic Church just a sun worshipping cult and if so what are the benefits of soar deity worship and thoughts on the actual man known as Yeshua aka Jesus in general :latin_cross: :sunny:

*note Jesus does come with a ray of warmth surrounding him when in full devotional prayer to his spirit


I also don’t have the heart or “sacred heart” lol to tell these people they are just apart of a pagan sun cult because with experience they are nice and friendly people and of course Jesus aka the sun does give off a warm life giving feeling and the church does have good energy there and I love absorbing it every time I visit it…so I am sticking with this church for now because it is filled with light and is welcoming but I just can’t get over the obvious fact that it is sun worship not “son” worship :sunny:

Also Son of God or Son of light aka Sun of God or Sun of light I mean it’s all right there

Only thing I noticed is during the winter solstice at a certain point of the day the sun sets for 3 days. Yet. On the 3rd day it’s slightly above the horizon. Only physical proof of the story of the sun and god combined

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Well he did rise from the dead on the third day so…

In the story of Jesus yes. I found my information in the original zeitgheist video years ago during research

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Also when praying to Jesus aka the “Sun” of God I have been opening my heart chakra which is actually the chakra associated with the sun info found in an occult book I own but when I pray in church during mass I feel my heart Anahata chakra opening up…this is why most Christian’s are filled with love and peace

I remember E.A stating in one of his videos the anahata chakra is by definition the “unstruck cord”

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Your post is very amusing. Ancient Christian sun god worship for fertility and Christ is a sun god?? I can find no evidence of it. From what i gather from your post the Catholic faith brings warmth and understanding to humanity with love and compassion and was founded on principals of worship regarding the sun as the giver of life. The image you provide portrays a blond haired man with a burning heart and cross. The image of Christ. This not what a first century Jew looks like but a Norse god. The Catholic Church incorporates many lies, myths and legend as a foundation for faith to include this absurd image.

Briefly the “Roman” Catholic Church and the Xian faith were founded by the Roman dictator (Emperor and general) Constantine Magnus in 325 AD. The new Xian religion was founded to fill Constantine’s army as many Romans after years of conflict would no longer serve in the legions. Christ was deified as a god or son of the one true god.

Constantine after the conclusions of the religious councils after 325 AD, replaced the Roman Standards of the Legions with the cross inscribed with In Hoc Signo Vinces, With This Sign CONQUER! You were no longer dying for Rome or the Emperor but god and Christ above and once dead you would enter heaven… What would really happen is that you as a new legionaire would end up dead or maimed for life and never see your homeland or family again.

Jesus not his real name was a jewish rabbi in the first century AD. Who was hated by the jewish councils leadership who were puppets of the Roman occupation army and government. Christ was arrested by the council and sentanced to death by Pontius Pilate the Prefect of the Roman province of Judaea. Christ was then executed by the Romans on the cross. The cross was one of several forms of public execution established by Rome. The cross was not s symbol of faith but one of sadistic death and execution. The cross as hoped by The Romans was a symbol of there power and if you opposed that power you would die. Thereby creating fear in the civil populations of the provinces. All the symbols you discuss and religious theories of Xian sun worship are unfounded and have no bearing on Catholic faith.


This is not a true rep of him. He is my brother. You need to look for the lion of the tribe of Judah. Th house of Jacob. The conquering lion of Judah. He is the king of kings lord of lords. His father is the son of the crown mother of the qaballah.

I think you’re taking those two homonyms literally.

Just because someone is a “son” of God (or any god), it doesn’t automatically mean they’re also a solar deity.


He is the son of a fire god whose wrath over rule Lucifer. Lucifer is angry and wants revenge. These are the sun gods of the highest order. The represent the highest of the sun gods other than Babagi the nameless one.

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Most of this has been based in myths such as the crucifixion story based on a Norse god who hung himself in sacrifice and there are other myths about pagan gods going into the underworld for 3 days and rising back from it also Christmas is not about the birth of Christ but a pagan seasonal holiday imo Jesus was a real man but like Buddha his story was told over the years and got misunderstood during translation the sun god theory isn’t far-fetched considering most pagan Faith’s worshipped solar deities such as RA in Egypt somewhere down the line a solar deity got mixed in with the Christ figure and became worshiped as a God aka the creator of life who lived in heaven life creation such as bringing warmth to Earth’s crops and heaven being the sky it’s also humorous that the holy day is Sunday which is the day of the week that is associated with the sun along with god and Jesus being associated with the heart and love which the heart chakra is associated with the sun just a theory IMO


God aka El and heaven are said to be above the earth and the holy spirit is shown as a dove always with the sun’s light in the background



The images are clearly representing the sun and it’s rays of light touching and warming the earth

*note I’m not knocking down the faith and Abrahamic religion I’m just showing the odd similarities to Jesus and solar deity worship


A few images of mother Mary being associated with the Sun


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I’ve always seen her as fictional or possibly a thoughtform. Though I might be a bit biased since they gave Queen Astarte’s title to her.


Most of the pictures of Jesus that people worship is in fact Cesare Borgia.


A) Thoughtform
B) Borrowed deity
C) Borrowed deity

Thanks, but I dont need to hear convoluted stories because I am not a Xtian or Catholic, which POST dates the gods, the true histories by thousands upon thousands of years.



Utu, Ra, Azazel, Hyperion, Sol.
THOSE are sun gods.
Dont liken your made-up religious characters to my god-family.