Jesus and The Buddha

For those on darker paths I’ll just sum up my opinion on these two men and ascended masters if it weren’t for both of these two I don’t think I could be on a lighter spiritual path first of all these two are misunderstood greatly both promoted peace and taught good philosophies along with healing the weak and wounded however modern religion has ruined both their names people forget that these two were just men who became enlightened and decided to help out others you can imo follow both Jesus and the Buddha together and not make conflict with one another Christian’s get mad when you mention other gods or something like the cycle of rebirth and Buddhist along with other believes get mad at god thinking he is an angry man in the sky and that Jesus was a weak pansy of sorts or they disregard Christ and his teachings all together as a hoax based on pagan gods etc none of that matters all that does matter is the philosophy of peace being humble having compassion and detachment from material good’s this along with meditation prayer chanting etc makes you more happy than anything else could such as sex money or power my point stop worrying about material and physical gain and try being humble and give peace a chance instead of arguing over what religion is right or not or if God is real or not real etc…


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