Jareth Tempest Angels of Omnipotence

It was on a blog named Codex Astarte but has since been deleted, unfortunately. @Michellekabod


Do you maybe have the file for it or could u explain hiw the rite was done so i could try redoing it somehow

I somehow found a post on the blog with the initiation rite, even though, if you try to open a hyperlinks on BALG that leads to this blog entry, it will say that it is deleted
https://codexastarte.substack.com/p/invocation-of-the-angels-of-omnipotence?s=r. The author talks about their experience and in the end doesn’t do the initiation? Or more like the angels say that he himself doesn’t understand what is initiation and that he uses it as a buzzword. So if you’re gonna do it, understand what you’re asking for.

I haven’t done it, maybe the author uploaded a changed version, @Veil can you please skim over it if it is the same?


Yep, that’s the very same one! Thanks @Vena

Edit: @Michellekabod see above :slight_smile:

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Do you know how to do the initiation properly?
Do i need to ask all 9 angels for the initation separately? Or how dord that work

@Exil It is all written in the blog post. If I remember correctly, only Uiazel can initiate you. You must call on the 8 angels of omnipotence first, and then call Uiazel (you cannot call on him seperately). Then ask him to initiate you in the current. No materials needed, the only things you need is the list of angels and their companion spirits, which are written in the linked blog post, and your will :wink: .


I did this but i just asked him to initiate me and not i to any current, you think that did the deal, i for sure felt a lot heard a lot and a lot happened.

That aside what current would the initiation bring you into?

@Exil If you experienced something and didn’t get a negative response, I would say that sealed the deal :blush: .

I don’t even think the word “current” applies so strongly here - omnipotence current maybe? I feel like this initiation would just make your connection to this group of angels stronger and make their presence in your life known.

I don’t think I’m qualified enough to philosophise about this rite, as I haven’t done it :sweat_smile:


Hey! Sorry I’m so late! I don’t quite get it, for what exactly is the imitation ritual?

Just wondering which angels you worked with to heal your relationship? Was it just the “heal relationship” rite with Tulatu, or a combination?

I have the book but haven’t worked with it yet and your situation sounds similar to mine.


Yes, I worked with the sigil to heal a relationship. I did that for 2-3 days, 1-2 times a day. After the first couple of times I was able to catch the feeling of the wish fulfilled very easily, I felt like I was already living on the reality of my relationship being healed, and while doing the ritual I had the feeling of “bless”, almost heard that word. Then I discovered there was a sigil called “blessing”, so I did that one. Then is when everything good happened, all got solved. It took less than a week.

The author says to go with your intuition, is what I did and I’d recommend you to do the same. Use the sigils in the combination that makes sense to you. I’ve experienced that they’re quite powerful, but the effects wear off.


Thank you! Yes definitely will use intuition.

How so? Effect on you, or the target?

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In general, I’ve used them for different things. The author always mentions to “keep at it” to see results or more powerful results. On that situation, as an example, after this guy came behaving on the way that proved that my rituals worked and the relationship was healed, I stoped performing rituals for healing the relationship, of course. I did some for, for example, making him love me, and they apparently worked. But when you get something you tend to assume that… well, you have it, so you stop doing rituals for it. I’d say it’s a mistake. Or maybe is just that whatever you asked for was not meant to be (if you believe in fate, I don’t think I do). In my case once I felt our relationship was healed and he loved me I stopped, so it all got messed up again. It’s a continuous, I fix it with Magick and screw it irl.

Whatever I worked with this angels for, I got, but I’d say keep doing Magick to maintain it once you get it (if it looks like something that keeps going back to be messed up), or work actively in real life to keep it and protect it if it’s something that feels natural to have.

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I think relationships are always evolving. I fall into the trap of thinking once I get something, I can stop, but with or without magic we have to keep working at it.

Update from me: I did the “heal your relationship” and “bring someone back into your life” Saturday night. My POI messaged me literally the next day after a week of no contact that I had assumed would continue a lot longer. He also said something quite meaningful, and it was a surprise for him to contact me. Very grateful to Tulatu!

I’ll keep working on it—no more contact since but I have had this “it is done” feeling for since.


100% agree

Im very glad it worked so well for you, it generally works the same for me.

I think that is vital, or maybe because I come from a very Neville Goddard way of seeing reality. But anyway, I keep a Magickal journal (best thing I ever did, because is only when I look back - or read about what I wrote - that I discover patterns), and the time I wrote about here and that the heal a relationship ritual worked for me so incredibly, I reached the “it is done” feeling on about the second day, and wrote extensively about it, and how “I knew” that that was the way to change the reality. So I’m sure you’ve got it :wink:

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Yes I also come from a Joseph Murphy/Neville Goddard background and very much believe in LOB. So completely get where you’re at! And I think the “it is done” phase or even “do I want this?” space is exactly when it appears. I love that feeling of knowing.

No contact since, but I’m not concerned. It’s just a matter of time now.

Good luck to you with your magical endeavours! :black_heart:

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