Jar obsession spell

help, has anyone tried this spell? it works?

Following are the things that you may require to cast the spell:

  1. Jar
  2. Cotton
  3. 1 piece of brown paper
  4. Red pen
  5. Red candle

Now given is the procedure to perform the spell. Just follow it in the exact manner.

On a piece of paper write your name and your spouse or lover’s name. Place the piece of paper inside the jar and wrap the paper with cotton. With the remaining cotton fill the jar completely. Tighten your jar and put it under your bed. Now glow the red candle and think about your love until the candle totally burns out.

It must be taken care of that you do not remove the jar from under the bed. It shouldn’t be opened as well otherwise your spell will be broken. In any case, if you want to break the spell then simply remove the jar open it and throw off the contents in the trash and remove them from your house.


how to write names? my up, and target down?
do I need to charge before the cup is closed?
or when the candle burns?
I can’t evoke, need to be in trance when spell casting? how long casting?

who did it? it worked?

I don’t have spell experience, I’m a beginner

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What if you can’t put it under your bed?
Next to your bed good aswell?

may be beside the bed

in a closet

I have read about this spell also, two slightly different versions. One version said, as you did, to put both names in the jar. The second version says only the target’s name should go into the jar. Someone had commented that she put both names in the jar and she therefore also became obsessed to the point of such madness that she had to dismantle the spell.
I have also heard this spell can be done with a mirrored box as an alternative to a jar. The mirrors are supposed to deflect away other things in the target’s life such as problems, distractions they might have so that the focus is on the obsession with you the obsession can then take full effect.


There are many ways to skin a pussy. @Star11


So which method do you think is most effective for this spell?

@Star11 this is the spell you said you used? 'Couse I’ve been looking for the one you said, I want to try it

Bruh what the fuck is that pp :joy:

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It’s been posted elsewhere on the board. It should come up if you do a search.

So has it worked for anyone?

Anyone tried it

You got any results?

I only have make-up pads made 60% from cotton, will this still work ?

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That’s a variation of the mirror box cottonhead doll spell that’s on YouTube.

And it’s like REAL cotton but lemme tell you you cant buy cotton off a shrub anywhere on Amazon or online. If you read cotton balls they say 100% cotton. Thats legit JUST COTTON so use that if you do this and dont let the YouTuber get you all :tired_face:

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It’s been a minute since I been in the forum. Since no one has posted results, I made this jar a few days ago. Will let you all know what happens.

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Creating my jar as well. Will be ready and charged by tomorrow.

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