Japanese Magic, Skinwalking and Dark Arts

So lately ive been getting into very dark arts, wanting to do possession,hexes/blood rituals, things of that nature. I’ve found myself called to the japanese arts and spirits.

Lately i’ve been meditation in Aokigahara. Usually happens around the witching hour, i just put myself there and meditate in an old shrine in the forest to start building a connection with the local spirits. At any rate, last night i think i met a friendly skinwalker. She was a female, nude, covered in dirt/mud but she was very friendly. We laid together on the grass and she helped me meditate.

She mainly had roots of the forest connect to my spine and I could feel it on my physical person. Blacked out after that.

Now ive been wanting to get into skinwalker, i feel like its a right path but ive done research and seen what people have said.

Mostly that skinwalker rituals are very gruesome and they seek you out, not vice versa.

Im not sure if this woman in the forest was a skinwalker or not but i can def say that she wasnt a japanese spirit. I could just tell.

I’m mostly looking for advice/thoughts etc. Im unsure where to go from here. Im not opposed to dark things but murdering a person i care abt is a no but the vibe i got from this woman didnt feel dark or malevolent like most tales of skinwalkers.

Honestly idek how to explain, lol someone help.

Skinwalker encounters are not dream encounters or visions. They are physical in nature. They are not spirits. They are Navajo sorcerers. You had an experience. You decided that what you saw was a skinwalker. It was not. That isn’t how that works.

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Skinwalkers are from Navajo folklore. You won’t find them in Japan.

Closest you’ll get to that are yokai.

then i have no clue what i encountered. Was all very odd

Now wait a minute here. This skinwalker could have very well been a Navajo expat immigrant skinwalker in Japan.

Dont muddy the waters dude. Nothing about that experience is consistent with what Navajo say these people are and how they operate.


would you mind explaining more abt how they operate? ive done some research bc of this isnt highly talked abt so not too much to go on.

There should be info on here already as I have already had this convo with someone else

@Faustus Was this the thread?

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i did read your previous post, i was just wondering if you had found anything more recent thats all.

If anything, im going to look into japanese spirits and how they shapeshift. Most likely look into kitsunes spirits, things like that.

That was one of them. Too bad that one is filled with trash and wishful thinking

Watch that video. You will notice that he is not speaking about spirits. And he does go into how they operate



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i appreciate you guys responding, helps me figure out what im doing/where i’ll go next.

Idea is to work on shapeshifting but make it dark among of other things and this works out since im looking for more a japanese/asian path anyways. Which im sure i can do on different path, doesnt mean it has to be skinwalking how the navajo do it.

@Lady_Eva mind closing the thread?

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