I was playing Assassin brotherhood today and i herd a knock on the door and i thought must be the courier, so i answered the door there was two females with a name tag with a name Jesus on them, and i told them i am to busy and close the door on them and went back to my game, and i was thinking i think God of Abraham had something to do with that one trying to trap me sending Jahovahs to trying to drag me back to the church back to enslavement, i had Ahriman backing me up, a way of getting rid of bible bashing also someone in Adelaide must be talking, or they are doing there rounds, i will have to be on the look out.


I like the Mormon missionaries better, because they tend to be the more attractive ones because they believe that they’ll become a god with their physical body.


you might like, there object is to suck people back to Jesus to have sex with him and get fucked up the ars, as a slave

My own relationship with the Christian God was strange. At first it really helped me and boosted my spirituality so much, especially considering I was fourteen at the time I initiated the relationship and became a ‘born again Christian’. It really helped me develop a lot in terms of faith and understanding. I also felt like I had a good and meaningful relationship with God. But in the end I couldn’t reconcile with the scriptures. The belief of hell being a place where MOST people go, and that to be gay is wrong. I didn’t feel like the ‘egregore’ or whatever that was the Christian God I had a relationship with ever tried to shame me, maybe it’s because the source god being was acting through him, or maybe because the egregore was embracing the parts where the bible says ‘thanks to Jesus we all look pure to him on Earth’ and ‘God is love’. No matter how you look at it those Abrahamic religions enslave people as much as they help them, and minorities/women get the worst parts of it. Fear is definitely a strong component as well because it couldn’t not be. It also takes away our individual power and expressions of natural parts of our self.

In my case, Christianity was an important stepping stone in spiritual development, but I outgrew it for higher truths and development. Of course at the time transitioning out of those beliefs was difficult and often depressing. But I’m doing better now :slight_smile:


Wow, I’m pretty sure that’s not factually correct. :smile:

We get Jo’s Witnesses sometimes, I’d swap them for some cute Mormons if possible?


There’s some good stuff to be found there, and many people naturally focus on the functional and positive parts and discard the lunatic hardcore troll stuff. :slight_smile:


The two occasions that I’ve had meetings with Mormon Missionaries they were all jacked like Christmas.

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We have simular stories. What have you found on this side of the spektrum?

Ha, I got Christian Lutherans who rented an office space right downstairs where I live in the same building and door. I have to pass it practically every day now when I go out. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not. Their text in the tv-screen which is towards the street says something like: One step closer to your miracle. :joy: But after I read your post hmm…