Ixaxaar Prepare for the arrival... of what?


Main page has a countdown time and says prepare for the arrival. Is this something to do with Temple of the Black Light? Liber Azerate? Does anyone have any inside info?

Yea I was wondering the same thing myself

I remember seeing what there next release is going to be…somewhere. I don’t remember if it was in one of their last newsletters or somewhere else. Shit, now this is going to drive me crazy until I either remember or know I have to fuckkinggg dig through my entire computer!!!

Goddamn Black Magician’s!!!

At my knowledge there is no official translation of Liber Azerate. I bet on this! Will see!

Ohhhhh Shiiiiiiit!


I was betting on Liber Azerate as well, this shall be mine. Anybody who plans to get it should DEFINITELY pre-order since they state that the books will be manufactured based on the amount of pre-orders received.

I wonder where they got that idea. Points to himself

They’re copying the release model we used for the Complete Works. And I suspect others will emulate us too.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery…

BALG raising the standards and setting trends.

[quote=“TheWanderingFool, post:7, topic:1238”]Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery…

BALG raising the standards and setting trends.[/quote]

Too bad they won’t have the graciousness to send me a consulting fee.

Because it will increase their sales by 20-30%. :slight_smile:

Looks like a really cool book, and I have an interest in anything relating to the Qlippoth. However I am a little skeptical of anything coming from the Temple of the Black Light, while they put out some interesting material they seem to go a little off the deep end at times and I’m not sure I’m totally on board with this “anti-cosmic” approach.

Nonetheless I’ll pre-order one as soon as I get a job and income again. Even if it turns out not to be my cup of tea I can just sell it when the value goes up.

If there is anything else on this planet I love its a good book. Back in the day in my neighborhood we use to have great small used book stores which carried out of print hard to find hardbacks for little over 5.00 to 12.00 dollars. My shelf is filled with nearly 200 plus titles both paperback and hardcover. I do use them for reference from time to time but to be honest I have obtained more results from simply reading EA’s works (EE, KOF, and BOA specifically) which will keep me quite busy for the next few years. That alone is enough for me.

Previously I would flesh out myself thinly over so many authors and titles that I would get lost in the quagmire of so many occultist stating one supposed truth from another. I’ve had enough. What ever happened to those hidden practitioners who dared to go forth and skry in the spirit vision to obtain the information they need?.

Keeping myself to EA’s works allows me focus and determination. I am not implying in any manner that other authors are wrong or that certain titles are worthless, on the contrary, its always imperative to read other material to broaden those weary eyes into varying perspectives. However, from my many years of developed “spirituality” , going through all the motions and librettos of dramatic conjurations and invocations, and not attaining true practical results in my workings I have at the very least found a fresh new voice which promises to break open the old paradigm and unfold the new aeon(tipping the hat to good old AC).

Occult books were and are meant to be notebooks, but the work and daring is left to the owner of said book. Reading between the lines of the conjuration is left to the owner of the book. The book is nothing more than paper and binding until the purchaser works it and makes it his/her own.

Through this forum and by applying the knowledge that EA has set forth, I will write my own book. It will have a one of a kind aura that is my own and no one else. It will be my blood and my soul. Talk about manifesting the Devil’s Stone, once i completely grasp the evocation course next week, more pages will be added. The true Grimoire is the one that you work hard at and spill your own blood to bring it forth unto this plane of existence. You’re never too old or too young to start writing your own mystical story.

PS: wanted to say thank you to everyone in this forum for providing not only an outlet but real world knowledge from diver backgrounds to open these old eyes and witness a new dawn.

But SVE, what about all the pretty things for my book shelf?

LMFAO!!!..you have a point SoundW

You better fucking submit it to E.A. and I for consideration of publishing under the Become A Living God label!

Learn more here:


I can’t wait for our own books man!!! The BALG label will be “write” up there with IXAXAAR, Scarlet, Nephilim, and dare I say…WEISER!!!

Now I know for one that BALG does EVERYTHING with panache…no reason to think our books will any different!

By the way, any news when our first BALG Release will be…er…uhm…released???