I've tried automatic writing for the first time

Yesterday @Mulberry told me about automatic writing. I kind of used something familiar to it before. But in drawing way. Sometimes it’s better to let you mind relax and go away (to better times haha). Draw something in chilling vibe instead of trying to push your limits for a better result. Have no thoughts at all. Kind of meditation. I often have such state when I’m looking at fire or listen the sound of the rain. The second one I love the most. So. It wasn’t hard for me to do the same with writing itself. Yesterday I’ve read Raymonds book about such practics and search for experience of other people.

I also can use the fact that English is not my first language. It’s hard to think and write when I hear songs. Songs that I understand and want to sing along. And it’s x2 harder if it’s English. When I had exams at school along ago. Idk for what reason but they decide to put in one room about 10 people. TO DO SPEECH PART. We had to record our voice at the same time doing our different tasks. They gave us headphones with simple instrumental songs to not hear each other. But we still did. It’s not a suprise. 10 people at the same room are talking at the same time after all. And nobody cared about such conditions. I weren’t able to hear my own thoughts. That’s the same if I would write in paper in English while listening to song. Especially in English. If different languages it has less affect. But still has. In such condition I would not be able to think clearly. So I decide to use it right now. To try to communicate with Belial using automatic writing while listening songs in same language.

One more thing I want to mention… Well, when I had the dreams to remind me to make corrections or just about something I must do… I’ve drawn His sigil on my left hand wrist. I did it intuitively. For no reason. Just did. When I stopped doing this I’ve stopped to have them. As for me it looked like the point. And I did something familiar to this again. But not on my wrist. On list of paper. I was first to write something. After I’ve finished it I began to sing along the song and just relax. Don’t think about a thing. When time passed a bit. My hand start to wrote… Very fast. I’ve heard words I’m writing in my head but they went really fast. I don’t think that fast in English. Maybe on my own language too. When I’m writing anything by myself I like to find some words on vocabulary. At least rewrote a lot. Cause I have a mix of 3 languages and I simply forgetting basic words and grammer because of it. If I mix them nobody around me won’t understand what I’m talking about. At that moment it was so fast and I wasn’t able to look into vocabulary . I even didn’t look at the paper. My sight was starring straight onto the window. There were some kind of queue. I’m writing, relaxing, He’s writing while I’m listening to music, I’m reading when it’s over, again write what I want to say and so over and over again continues till our conversation ended.

As a result, we had some kind of chat:

  • How we can communicate with each other in productive way?
  • Want to do such a thing? For what reason?
  • I want to make a long term pact. Want you to help me to become the best version of myself. I can give you my time and my loyalty and dedication.
  • Ha, really? Let’s go. Go ahead. But there won’t be a way back.
  • I’m not afraid of it. But I need you to keep my financial status like home and basic needs to myself. Don’t took them away. I want your guidance at shadow working and self-esteem. Is it possible?
  • Sure. But it won’t be that easy as you thought it would be. You will feel your soul ripped into shreds.
  • I have a lot to change then. What else?
  • Never beg me for help. Just ask. And don’t be so annoying. Just listen to me swkll(?)
  • Sure. So, welcome?
  • I would say so.
  • I feel you want to tell me more. Do you?
  • Don’t fucking think about people that make you feel bad. They don’t deserve you. Throw them away. In distance. Don’t beg them to be with you, to stay near you. Don’t beg anyone for anything. Have self… (?)
  • But I need them rn.
  • You need just only me right now. And your sister. That’s all.
    You don’t have a self-guidance than I will make you to have it. My guidance will bring you to that point of no return. Point of self confidence and glory. That’s all

(for now I guess)

I’m feeling myself strange right now. And kinda exciting, not gonna lie. But isn’t it too fast to connect me so easy? Even if He was somewhere near behind me for a long time already. I don’t think He will be so… so edgy? Impatiant? Idk how to call it. Just too fast.

I also think about trying mirror as communication tool. It will take amount of time for sure. I’ve never had a familiar experience.

Hope everything will be okay

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No. In my experience it’s very easy to do with or without an entity and I have written a tutorial about how to do it in just a few real easy steps, I just haven’t dug it out of my journal and shared it yet, I always have more on the to do than the its’s done lists. :rofl:

The hardest part is usually the initial allowing of the information to flow into you and from you to your writing be it in hand, voice memo or digital typed format.

Once it starts flowing the information usually comes faster than you can write it down though it will seem like you understand the bulk of it, it usually comes too quickly to get every single detail, though this gets better with time and you can pause and write down all the details before allowing it to continue to flow.

I usually recommend practicing without an entity that way you learn what it feels like and can develop a way to allow your intuition, subconscious, precognition etc flow without spiritual influence- many authors actually write entire books in a similar state and will complete a text within days because they just couldn’t stop while in the flow. (Being able to tap into yourself, intuition, precognition and claircognianze can be developed through automatic communication like this)

I see things like this mentioned by occult authors occasionally as well when working with an entity that basically gives them the entirety of the work they end up writing.

I’ve personally found you can revisit an automatic channeling session however and continue it as you like, once you practice with the skill, so I don’t usually go into prolong stages of channeling in any form as I think it’s actually physically unhealthy to be channeling for hours on end while neglecting the physical- at least on a regular basis.

To end the rambles, I don’t have the time to verify your experience, but speed of time till I hit the flow is not something I’d be concerned about. Some of us will do it easily and others will need practice.

I had to practice a lot because the state literally scared me. I didn’t like feeling out of control, but others will find it feels natural. If I’d started without an entity, maybe I wouldn’t have been so afraid, idk. I’d have recognized the things I channeled into my automatic writing as coming from outside of sonner me, at least.

I’d pay attention to time dilation though, sometimes it seems like I’m channeling info faster than I can write it down and by the time I hit post or reply, it’s been two hours longer than I thought possible, so if you work or have a schedule you’ll want to be aware of time spent and not find yourself lost.

Time dilation in either direction, (though usually slowing down so it seems to pass more slowly in my experience, I can accomplish more than expected for the amount of time) and the fact the information comes at you faster than you could generate it as thoughts on your own are two significant signs of successful automatic writing imop and I’d not worry about much else as long as your spiritual hygiene is good.

Oh I’d keep in mind that analogies, allegories, examples etc using symbolism also come though, so if it doesn’t make sense you may not be interpreting it correctly or fully correctl and just because it applies fully to you and your path doesn’t mean it’s a blanket application either as these things can to be subjective and evolve around your current state, mood etc.

It can be hard to toss long held/thought beliefs and opinions and trust a channeling even from thyself, let alone an entity we may not be able to perceive- so the preconceived boxes may get tossed out the window at times with this type of work too.

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I didn’t notice how two hours passed :rofl:
So yes. It’s easy to lose sense of time.

About the speed of writting. I guess mine is a bit faster than average. That’s why I was be able to write a kind of complete text.

I remember times when everybody or almost everybody around couldn’t fit in time. We had to write a lot. And I was the one who not only fit in time but draw at the same time. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Only problem I have about writing is I’m making more mistakes. A lot more. And can mix languages. I have a lot of notebooks with such writing of mine.

My speed of writting is still with me. But I can’t tell the same about speed of thinking. It’s slower because of depression. So yes. IT WAS SO FAST OMG

I also find it quite natural. I have no negative sense about it. But it feels strange. That’s for sure. I will need to get used to it.

I’ll try to pay more attention and concentrate more when I would try to interpret.

Ty for such a post. I will re-read it after sleep tomorrow.

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Well I don’t always experience them, but I often do and don’t recognize them for their worth until later, so if it doesn’t make sense I try to make sure I note it.

It could be nothing but it might be a golden nugget I can’t perceive yet, y’a know?

The writing speed makes sense to me honestly, some will find they are more naturally inclined to speed type or write or draw or whatever than others- some medias may be faster, like drawing, for some people etc.

Some people may even find it comes easiest as music and may not realize what they are doing etc.

It’s a tapped in state, imop regardless of how your using it or channeling it. It’s not coming your consciousness, but it’s usually solid information, many times it can be verified and it just flows like you and it are practically one and the same, but entirely separate at the same time.

When you approach the state with questions, or intent, you receive answers. When you approach and begin to create, you receive masterpieces.

Or some other poetic bullshit to describe it lol :joy::woman_shrugging:

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