I've returned to this site recently with questions

I took a long hiatus from this site to focus on working with spirits and my improvement of my senses.

Things have gone well. Great actually.

I’m a dreamer so my dreams started to open first with hearing and seeing voices for longer durations then short bursts. Now and then, I can faintly see a spirit that I’ve asked to join me in dreams.

It wasn’t until recently that my work begun to show here.

At first, I heard a woman talking but not her words and I heard someone else at a different time whispering in my ear (think like parseltongue).

Then yesterday, I heard flapping beside my ear like I was sitting beside a bird cage.

I know this is the start that I’ve been looking for. Aside from continuing my current work of meditating, How can I pursue this?


I’m a dreamer too. Recently I’ve been looking into lucid dreaming because I believe it’ll help improve this skill. Before everything would just happen but now I would like more control. Have you tried using mugwort? Are you looking for something specific when you dream?


I was looking on how to improve my senses while I’m awake since I’m just getting there.

Lucid dreaming go well enough. I have ambiences to boost them and found “tricks” for how to dream without ambiences.

The only way I know is meditation. Some people talk about using oils, herbs, and crystals to help improve waking visions but that stuff doesn’t really work for me. You can try though. Lavender seemed to yield pretty good results. In the end I’ve found that trusting yourself and knowing that you already have all the answers inside of you helps with bringing visions to the forefront. If you want to try herbs and crystals I know people that are much more knowledgeable and I can try to get some suggestions for you.