I've never worked with Djinns, how are they?

Any book to recommend to get their names?

Practical Djinn Magick?

And are they generally good or assholes?

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That depends on if they like you or not. Some people have reported great results and love the book while other people have reported less then great results.


I’m currently working with the Djinn aligned with King Paimon.
The Book of King Paimon by Zag Darklight.

They are individuals, much like you and I. If you approach them with any negative assumptions, avoid them.

If you treat them with the respect that you expect, go for it.

They are a fascinating bunch. Check out my recent posts for more info, or feel free to ask questions here.


Is Paimon a Djinn? I’m kinda confused on that

Good Question… According to Islamic Magickal Systems yes he is along with many other demons in the Goetia but I have no clue myself.

I’m reading parts of that and it’s very interesting. Great work and thanks for sharing.


That has never come up, oddly enough.

My personal experience with King Paimon has taught me to not put him in a box. When I expected demonic, I saw Empyrean ect.

I haven’t asked him. But my experience is that he is Empyrean, Terrestrial, “Demonic”, Djinn and “revealer of dark desires”.

I think the problem with these questions is that we expect a spirit to only be one thing - which is false.
For example, you are MagickVigilante. You are also StrengthenedWarrior. You are also a person.
Hope this helps.


Thanks for that. It’s always super dope to know people are reading the posts.


@Fallen_Human @Vikson

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They are very hot spirits

Yes, King Paimon is a Djinn. He is Emperor of Djinn. (My UPG but you can always ask King Paimon himself!)

I have seen and heard him command the Djinn (those under him) and they respect him. He is fair and just, understanding and loving (as I have also seen, as he has shown me.)
He is a good friend to many and also very protective of those under his charge.


Yes King Paimon gave me a Djinn Familiar for a certain purpose.

He is indeed awesome and is now my Patron Spirit.

I also saw your other posts where Duke Dantalion is your guardian. I have worked with him and still do regularly. Both are awesome.

Duke Dantalion told me he is a Djinn as well. He’s come to me with his followers who are Djinn.


So Duke Dantalion and Paimon are Djinns, cool

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So I haven’t asked King Paimon if he is one, but Duke Dantalion I asked and he said yes.

This is ofcourse my UPG.

I just asked Dantalion, he seems to have said yes as well

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They are exactly like humans, they have good and evil together,
If you want, tell me and I will send you some books about them

Can you suggest me some books?

I suppose I should learn about Djinns, as … with learning about the other elementals, could be an easier time already knowing or knowing about them in Netzach/A’ArabZaraq/Geburah/Golochab.

@Lux_Tenebris had great conversations with King Paimon and King Paimon said that:
I am not a djinn but I govern them
So he is not a djinn but he is King of them according to this message