I've just read Jake Kent's The True Grimoire and I'm absolutely in love with it

I was interested in this grimoire since it’s such a huge influence in Luciferian Magick and practices with the Qliphoth. The meat on this book is the notes and it is to die for. I also go bonkers for the historical and cultural cross examination.
The best way I can describe my new relationship with the GV is that it is like a key for The Key of Solomon.
Perhaps the most eye-opening part for me was the sections about crossroads and Astaroth, and instantly it helped me understand the importance of particular constructions of the magick circle.
I wonder if anyone has had some criticism with this work, or also have some helpful tips or tricks when it comes to understanding the Grimoireum Verum?


Dude, that book is a gem.I dont know how people didnt recognize it so far.


Have you read any of Jake’s other books in his Encyclopedia Goetia series? Also, do you know any other books like The True Grimoire with similar academic content?

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I have them but I didn’t.I would love to go through them when my clairsenses will be open.Otherwise I feel like I won’t do justice.

Pandaemonium by the same author is worthwhile. Also anything by Joseph Peterson or Stephen Skinner. Donald Tyson also produced excellent translations of Agrippa’s Three Books and the Fourth Book. All of them have valuable commentary in them.