I've been receiving omens

I’ve been doing divinations and receiving omens and they point to a path that deals with:
Twilight/Dawn polarity, non dual reality, synthesis, transmutation, awakening, awareness, cataclysmic change, process of spiritual becoming, secrecy, movement towards enlightenment, life and death, unity of being, dealing with the ego, concentrated self, stasis.

Any ideas?


I got dizzy just reading that. I haven’t been having any dreams at all recently and when I do they’re too confusing to properly recall… Maybe it means some things about to change.


I have noticed an increase in paranormal activity and enhanced psychic awareness… maybe these things have always been there but you couldn’t see them till now… I wouldn’t worry bout it. When a demon has sent me a ill omen it was always very direct and very clear… this is not… I wouldn’t worry bout it.

With respect, that’s not the problem. I’m not worried or fearful. Shit, I want strengthened senses and powerful experiences

I’m looking for the answer to this, which is what path are they pointing to.

Sounds like your gonna level up… maybe?… done any work with the kundalini?

Maybe. The Light feeds the darkness and vice versa. There is no seperation. They do not destroy each other, but grow each other. All the words you mentioned are just describing different stages of the same thing.

This is just basic qlippothic knowledge; but knowing it indepth is another deal.