Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel

So I decided to do a laying down meditation chanting “Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel” to call upon well Azazel… Come on guys try to keep up. cx
Anyways I decided to chant this until I felt a presence. I asked if he could give me a sign it was him so I opened my eyes and there were yellow swirls and stuff around me. Not sure if that was him but it seemed too odd not to be.
I then started to talk to him and I asked him if he could help me get this girl, work on my assent and be in my life and I also said in return I’d post about him on this form and include our workings in my fiction.
After that, I felt like a prick in my finger and decided to raise my hand in like a handshake and felt pressure on it. Kind of like a handshake I guess. It seems I made a pact with him and looks like I’ll stick with it. If anyone can give me some insight on this, maybe to boost my confidence in this encounter, I’m trying not to doubt myself and I’m pretty sure I made contact.
Thank you Azazel!


You Get It?

Kind of? Like there were definitely signs I could have but also more girls have come into my life since them and I’m now ready, mentally and emotionally, to date so it’s more I got what I needed I think. And if I didn’t ruin it for myself then I might have gotten that girl, just suck at seeing signs cx


Azazel is awesome to work with. Get reday for a transformation friend

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Awesome. Sorry if it’s way late. But way to go friend