"Itz ra-cha belial" vs "'Lirach tasa vefa welhc Belial

Good morning all :metal:.

Haven’t asked this before but for most of you who has woked with King Belial, which of these did you chose from, if I may know/?

Does one have more power over the other to get him called more easier and has he actualy told any of you which of these he prefers? I’d just like to be ready and informed. Everyone is different of course.

PS: Then of course we have EA’s Conjuration to Summon forth as well. The same would apply to that as well if any have used it… So anyone would like to share experiences?


The enn comes from the religion of demonolatry. The song was given to EA directly by Belial himself for the Lake of Fire ritual (as explicated in the Book of Azazel) in his role as a Gatekeeper.

As far as I know, he does not have a preference and responds to both. However, the song has a distinctly different energetic flavour to it than the enn. I personally don’t like the demonolatry enns, and never use them in my practice, but I love chanting Belial’s song. It just has a better resonance for me.

I have used EA’s Conjuration to Summon Forth for a variety of different spirits. It works, though when a member here on the forum used it to call the archangel Michael, the angel was none to pleased and asked why he was summoned with “that demon shit.” lol

You need to stop asking so many questions and start experimenting for yourself. We can all tell you our personal preferences as to what to chant (or what the spirit prefers, according to our own experiences) but, in the end, they are just our preferences. You will never get everything perfect, and you have already been provided with all the information you need to make an attempt to summon a spirit, so you should stop going around in circles and start to put things into practice.


Lol yes i know it comes from demonolatry and I’ve seen the other in the compendium however, experiences are vastly different for each person and so answers are always different as well. Magick is indeed a dangerous field. I’m sure everyone agrees and I don’t believe I asked this queston before. With all due respect I can’t just jump in a temple chanting and conjuring anything I “think” may work just for the purpose of experimenting.

But thanks anyway.


Well, actually, you can lol

Chants are good in that way because they don’t generally summon anything directly, but practicing them can give you a feel for the energy they produce, and how it affects you. Vibrating words, for example, produces a quite different effect than chanting them.

As you said, everyone experiences things differently and what puts one person into an altered state may have no effect on another. You won’t know which works best for you until you try them outside of a ritual. Besides, practicing a chant prior to an evocation is usually recommended anyway so you can get the proper rhythm down.


The questions I’ve asked at least recently are ones not found in WoD or EE, though, due to advances in his practice and of course we’re in more modern times. No hard feelings but I sometimes I have to choose my questions wisely. I’ll take it easy then. It’s all good lol

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It is more than just a conjuration is an empowerment too: Itz racha Belial is like saying so mote it be. Just try it


I use both depending on what I’m doing and sometimes both in the same working.