Its not exactly about lottery, but win a car on a tv bingo show

Hello everybody, Im kind of new on the forum, however for sometime I´ve been reading your topics, and very savvy answers, but Im wondering about this.Here on Brazil we most likely work with Exus, instead of Ancient Gods or LHP. I live on our capital wich is Brasilia, and here weekly we have a contest on tv, where bikes, travels, a few bucks, and a car about 25K Usd is drawn, it goes alive on tv, and we can see the balls falling through the globe.Once I called Seere, using both the Luciferian Goetic ritual, and nothing happened.

But now I wanna try again, asking not just Prince Seere, but others to increase my chance, and Im in due to buy around 30 or more cards (all them have double chances wich means In 30 cards, Id have 60 chances for the maximum prize), to help lift my opportunities.

So now here are my questions:)

1-Do you think is it possible for one of my cards to win, since its just a local contest, and for the kind of people who plays it: I seriously doubt someone is onto goetia to get the truck or the car as the maximum prize?

2-I have plans to open a small bistro with the money I would like to gain, instead of receive the car/truck, also I wanna tell the entities my honest goals, so for this kind of task what I shall offer them to help me win?

3-Since its not a game where we guess the numbers ,but buy cards with pre print numbers on them, how can they work to help me fill all the numbers in at least one, of my lets say: 30 cards amisdt previously purchased?

4-The cards change all weeks, so for exemple if I wanna win a truck up to october 22th I might buy the cards, starting on 16th…But should I already contact the entities to advise them, and tell:I shall buy for say, cards on 16th october 2017 to win on 22th same month and year, with how many days before? Same week, or just right away asap advise them my intentions, to starting opening the gates?And on the week Im in plan to play for winning,just reinforce my goals and officialy deal my offerings to all?

5-Wich entities I shall ask from LHP to help me on it?

6-Just candle and prays and small gifts+sigil with blood +enn +bottom of the heart compromise of worship, or more complex ritual, for this job in particular?

7-Does anyone here knows a ritual which fits its properly what Im talking about?Here on Brazil its not easy to find grimoires, I might tell the truth. And some of them are quite old, so the rituals, goes on that style menace and mistreat the spirit to obey You against his good will, and I do not agree with this sort of work.Since Im a Luciferian and not RC or protestant.

Sorry for my first topic to be this long, and my english, its about 5 years I dont write anything just reading lol, so my spelling most likely to be looking very bad nowadays o_o, so sorry for that.

My pleasure to meet you all,and looking forward for your smart and experienced answers.:slight_smile:



Se pretende trabalhar com várias entidades diferentes de Exus, eu lhe aconselho a comprar os sete livros clássicos do EA Koetting, todos são perfeitos, um dele se chama evocando a eternidade, lá e descrito um método de evocação que pode ser usado para qualquer tipo de entidades.


You might not increase your odds by buying so many, the statistical odds alaone mean that even a 100x increase might not help, if you’re doing magick you want to be focusing on winning, not trying to work somewhere between accepting blind fate like every other player, and somehow working magick on it.

So please be careful not to spend too much trying to buy more cards, because I honestly do not think this will increase your chance of success.


Lady I much respect all your considerations here.And shall look foward to review my strategy for that, however I kind of heard people who bought up to 20 cards had more chance.And Im always seeing here you guys saying “you also need to do your part on the agreement, work hard on your goal,so the entities may help better.” Well I really need this money, to save my business,its my last chance.Anyway,dear Lady Eva,which entities do you suggest for me to work with ?Any Idea,dear Lady Eva?

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I would suggest looking up the entity called Labezerin, and a book called New Avatar Power, by Geof Gray-cobb, which has many examples of people in dire need acquiring sums of money through gambling, but with the spirits helping.

I am not certain if the book is under copyright but you should be able to find an account of the spells used in it on several different sites.

The emphasis on hard work here is mainly for people who want a result but are not even, to use yours as a parallel, willing to buy the ticket - and I’m certainly not suggesting that!

Just that you may do better to pace yourself and not expend what money you have attempting to beat the odds, when in fact you’re not working with the odds as such, but using magick, if that makes sense?

It would be nice if @bingohandjob commented on this, he’s the only person I know on here for sure to have effectively used magick to win a decent sum on the lottery.

Edit to add, I can attempt to find you a site which lists this working but I am too busy right now, perhaps someone who has such a thing bookmarked could link it, or I’ll attempt to reply as early as possible.

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Dear Eva you are so sweet, I shall look foward for this entrou.Does It is also of the LHP as well?I will pm the member you told me.Ty for your help.Do you have any sort of opinions regarding Valac?

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I just wanted to thank you for posting this question, as I’ve had a similar one and was unsure of exactly where to post it and how to phrase it.

Your response is very helpful, Lady_Eva. I’m hunting for an online copy. Will let you know if I find one.

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