Its hilarious

So far this week I’ve had 2 xian people disapprove of my path and tell me the following;

“ I plead the blood of Jesus over you and your family”.

“I’m going to take your picture and anoint it with holy oil n pray for you”.

Lmao do I even need to point out the hipocrisy of these statements?!

Speaking power over sacrificial blood and using pictures oil and prayer to change things lol
Anywho I thought it funny


They shouldn’t do that without your consent.


oh sheesh! That’s ‘Christian’ magick! lol They just don’t ever think they are making those type of statements.
Once this fundamentalist Christian told me that I was going straight to Hell and that I was taking so many others with me (because at that time I did card readings full time).
Another time a woman came to the house from a curtain company to measure the windows and she was talking all nice to me UNTIL she saw my tarot cards and Warriors. Then she ran out of my house so fast that it reminded me of that old show the Munsters when folks ran out of their house. She ran so fast that she forgot her sample booklet. When she had to come right back, I handed it to her and said BOO! I know, not nice, but she was ridiculous.