Its a me... again... pt.2

I have a couple questions, so I will split this into a few topics. Once again, thank you all for any advice forthcoming:
I seem to be drawn to Lilith. I don’t know why for certain, especially since most of my reading and research on her seems to say she has less patience for men and is for the empowerment of women. Maybe it’s because I have some notion that she stands for freedom and perseverance that i can’t shake. Anyhow, during my research I was looking into her evocation and enns, so that I might try to have a face to face if she wants to, and I came across her sigils and was taken aback as i recognized one of them as something i used to draw in my notebooks in classes when i was younger. It was the Dukante sigil. So my question, as I haven’t found much information on it, is there any major significant differences between the uses of the regular or Dukante version?

A lot of the information out there is heavily colored by people’s personal bias frankly.

Though, there’s also a lot of men that want to come towards Lilith with an incorrect attitude or from a place of some disrespect.

You’ll need to make your own discernment a as you explore.

Just keep in mind respect and come towards Lilith as an equal.

The dukante sigils come from demonolatry, and the more widespread one is a more recent invention via chaos magic.

But if you were drawing the dukante one I’d just go with that.

Ultimately your intention is going to be what matters.

Take the plunge but be respectful. I think you’ll be fine.


I had also concluded that if i was drawing that one, maybe it was a sign of something i should be using. I just didn’t want to go forward with it if there were any negative connotations with it towards Lilith.