It's a long time since I'm wondering

why powerful entities (Demons, Angels, Gods etc…) should desire to help little human beings…
We are ants as compared to their strength…

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I’m here to tackle this ^.
If only man know how to live then they will perish no more. Though we’re such a dot but we’re greater than we know. Many of those entities are ants before us, and we the lion they should bow to but because Man knows not their value, it turns out the other way.

But why they desire to help I won’t talk about that…to avoid controversies.

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We are not really ants lol we are GODS. I like to think they help me because I am dedicated to my path and will help to build the Infernal Empire.


They help who they like. They do what they want. Why must their intentions and actions be bound by our reasons?
I don’t need nor trust any grand statement when it comes to these entities. Each have their own will and thoughts. Each make their own decisions. One helps you in certain ways doesn’t mean another will, either.

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