Items of power

Hi everyone!

i’ve been reading a few things about the items of power, the ones we can " create".

I was wondering… can i just draw the sigil of an entity on a mercury mirror ( a mirror is a gate right?) then open the sigil , put the item on the opened sigil and ask the entity to charge it ? and empower the item again with fire - surrounded by candles for 24 hours or more?

i would like the item to be a mind gate between 2 people, using pictures and connecting the item to King Paimon or Duke Dantalian…

your thoughts… please :slight_smile:


It sounds a lot like something I read in an S Connolly book. I can’t remember which, or the correct wording. I think she called it “pillaring” or “raising a pillar”, something along those lines. But essentially that is what is described there. Good idea.