It’s time to get back on track

So, this move has been a long drawn out process, and there’s still shit to do. For the next few days, the job is to continue unboxing stuff and organizing things. However, I’ve had a head start. My altar is rebuilt and my collection of books have been returned to their shelves. I am still working on miscellaneous supplies.

Come tomorrow morning, I return to practicing the lbrp. Then, I make plans as to consecration of the altar. Then I work on the consecration of talismans. And once I find my reading lights, I can perform my nightly meditations.

My goal is to start with hermeticism. I’m also looking into thelema. I’m getting the idea the two go well together.

It’s time to get serious. But for tonight I rest.


Wishing you all the best magickally and otherwise in your new space!