It really hurts

I’ve find out that before meeting me she had an ex boyfriend.but when I was abscent for about five days she use it as a reason and an excuse to leave me and get back to her ex.
I know it is not a social forum but I really need any help.
It hurts. really bad
Ame totally broken spiritually and mentally.and also I had a lot of problems with my parents too.I’ve never be in such place in my entire life and trust me I write this message crying and feeling the unfairness of this life.


Non magickal advice? Forget her


I’m so sorry Karma will get her

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No.i want much better revenge any way

The best curse for her? Make her feel what you’re feeling .


It is the only reason.become the devil yourself.lover is only need to any family

Even if I say one could ever feel how I feel right love with your all heart,and be betrayed for such stupid reason

Try contacting this angel:

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