It never worked for me, that's all

I will make a post about my own paradigm and subliminals, even thought it seems like there isn’t a lot of people in my situation on this forum

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They may not be posting, but you can bet they’re reading the forum. :+1:


What if my paradigm is that most of magick system doesn’t work? The only possibility for me is the power of mind and subconscious, way less paths than classical magick approach

But still, sound, and recognised: The Kybalion PDF, archived link


That is the usual persons paradigm.

That is why if magic doesnt come naturally at first, you must train your mind to allow it to happen. For some this comes natural from past life experience, their mind already somewhat remembers it is possible.

If you do not have success then perhaps you are failing at immersion.

You must load your brain like a magazine and fill it with all the info you need regarding the lore, history, and dogmas surrounding the entity you want to work with.

This is one of the reasons we use symbols like swords and robes. It helps immerse the brain to bring down a part of the mind called the censor.

The censor is where your issue is. Your mind does not accept it, thus is does not allow magic to manifest.


Agree with @SeekerofK

Magic is mind, wether you focus focus focus, manifest, manifest , manifest or Ask for help, then forget, forget, forget.

Law of attracttion or trust in what you have asked for. I used to be a lazy magician. Could not focus, and could not forget.

One day i poured all my thoughts and emotions into creating and manifesting a partner. Very detailed and i believed and new i was going to get what i asked for. Caused i believed it i felt it. I poured as much energy as i could into it.
Then i forgot about it. I got exactley what i asked for.

These days i train the mind in every moment. I dont fantasize about things that cannot be. They get burned instantly by the black flame. All doubts burned, all fears burned. I may ask a entity on a progress update within a weeks time. Otherwise trust and forget. Same as casting.

I agree that symbolism empowers magick. My guides will use it all the time instead of talking to train my mind. Thoughts can be a nuances most times, not always though.


Maybe you have blocked yourself, or there’s someone near blocking you from achieving results. I myself lived most of my life under a rational, logical way of thinking. During that time, I never experienced anything unnatural, and because of my influence, I even blocked my wife from experiencing things that used to be natural to her, like seeing shadow beings, having premonitions, and such. In recent times, I decided to change my mind set, and give occultism a go. Why? I´m not sure, but I can tell you that I opened my mind and weird things started to happen inside me AND outside me, in the physical world. Coincidentally, now my wife is getting her visions back again, and experiencing pyshical phenomena around. Guess the mind is really the most powerful thing we have.

What I’m trying to say here, is that in order to attract things, you need to open your mind to that, and go with the flow. If you have doubts or let your frustrations grow, a blockage is in order.


I think the problem is that you’re trying to start the race at the end line. Start from the beginning… Work on your senses, understand how magick operates. The effect of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs etc

A good start would be the Law of attraction techniques and reading about the subconscious mind. I know the reputation of the LOA in occultism and it’s mostly deserved. But it’s still a good start regardless of how its explained to the masses.

When you try a simple technique from the LOA and test the process for meaningless things. You’ll have faith and keep going. I remember a result of one my tests, I was haunted by yellow ducks for 2 weeks 24/7. Horror movie lol As crazy as it sounds, it’s really important. It gets your mind in the right place.

Read the kybalion, understand what those principles mean. Read and study the subconscious mind. Test some LOA techniques until you get results. Then take it one step at a time from there. Don’t start by evocations and trying to sense spirits or casting spells. For many people, that may cause too much pressure and unreasonable expectations.


Maybe you can find a human mentor / teacher to guide you. Such folks might be found at a local magick club or organization. You could ask for a magick / occult tutor here or on reddit. You may find strength in numbers.


You probably don’t have a system or any occult training.

Get trained first. Train your mind to focus, and train yourself in magickal practice.

A good, simple psychological trance training tool is Autogenic Training. I’ve touted it for years on this site. You can get the basic protocol here. Do this daily for 3 months. By the end of that time, you’ll be proficient in putting yourself into magickal trances.

Another psychic trainer i recommend to anyone who’ll listen is Brother Moloch’s Basics Of Metaphysical Empowerment.

Either of the above can help you develop your mindset for magickal trances. They don’t teach magick per se, rather they give your mindset a foundation upon which magickal practice can be built. Very important to do this.

Then, find and follow A magickal system. Meaning pick ONE and i repeat ONE training system that works. Follow it until it gains you results.

Examples of a system you can train in include:

It’s actually kind of embarrassing how many great magickal systems are above. If you can’t get any of these working for you, magick is probably not for you.

I repeat. Pick ONE of these and apply yourself to it. Some of the above systems cost a lot, others a bit, still others ar free info that cost you nothing but time. Either way, pick ONE. Learn it inside-out and practice often. Keep at it until you get results.

At the very least, i recommend you do the experiments in Pam Grout’s books E-Squared and E-Cubed. They’ll prove to you that magick is real, as they’re based on the same psychological principles as William Burroughs’ magickal systems were - the same principles practiced by TOPY.

Don’t give up on this too quick. Start building your psychic skills, then find one system and apply yourself to it. Give it a year and see what comes of that before you pass judgment on the whole shebang. You might just surprise yourself.


I have this feeling too, always… is frustrating…


Thanks for this. I was wondering about how to get going – ESPECIALLY with meditation. You are a tremendous resource!

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Wow that’s a quality post.
To be honest I really hope that’s servitor and mind power magick will be my path.Because if I want to elevate my spiritual and magical potential,I prefer that all my success and discover are brought by myself and my work,not by another help of entities,at least as less as possible.
But it’s seems like as some of you said we need mentor and teacher, just like it’s impossible to progress in math (for most of us) alone, but I really hope that we could be our own teacher,our own source of knowledge

Thoughtform magick (sigils, servitors, and tulpas) are great for reality-hacking.

Two great reality-hacking/mindpower grimoires are E-Squared and E-Cubed by Pam Grout. They require no prior training or experience, only a willingness to do a few simple exercises.

Use hypnosis training to train and reprogram your subconscious. You can do many things with just your mind and the right training. Stephanie Conkle has a method for speaking with your subconscious and higher self. Also, the late Dr. Laura DiGiorgio had drills for training your subconscious mind to use hypnotic phenomena in reality-hacking/mindpower magick.


Sad thing is many of these courses arent free :frowning:

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Quareia and Farsight Institute’s courses are both free. They’re also the two most comprehensive and in-depth ones on the list by far.



Just out of curiosity, have you ever actually met someone who couldn’t perform magic?


Even the people who think they can’t are operating on thinker/prover paradigm, which is a magick technique.

All they have to do to switch from magickal failure to magickal success is find out how to use a conscious thinker with the subconscious prover and they’re up and running.

When your subconscious mind is trained to prove whatever your conscious mind thinks, any thought can be manifested with focus, time, and well-timed pivots (because reality gets in the way a lot).

That idea (conscious thinking, subconscious proving) IS magick explained in a nutshell and is a lot like Crowley’s definition, but more carefully explained.

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Have you taken any of the mastering courses like divination specifically, changed my life . This is solidly real. Invest the money. It’s well worth it.

I am in same stiuation yet I do my rituals successfully when they do really matter.
Magick lies within, you mostly wont need a spirit in daily life magick.
I would suggest you that you should go through Kybalion, study quantum physisc and look for Neville Goddards books.