It is time for my devotion, and I need opinions

Below is the story, the tldr is this: help me choose a magic path to stick to.

Hello, my initiation into magick with king paimon is complete. He told me through a nature walk, and shown me through runes.

More or less everything has stopped for me other than the work I do for amon.

My deal with king paimon was as long as he was teaching me I would repay the favor by connecting him to students and teaching them the basics. I believe i have paid him back due to recent signs. After which I started work for amon performing reconciliation spells.

I am told to continue my ascent I need to hold onto a system of belief because my brain is too chaotic.

I didn’t understand why this was the case for me until I reached out to my long lost dad and Found out that he and the men in my family are “plugged in” as he calls it. The men in my family are diagnosed with delusional disorder. My dad says this causes our brain to make connections and patterns in absolutely everything. Making it easy for me to draw parallels between systems where there are none.

So in order to relieve the chaos in my head I need to identify some pillars of belief.

So my magickal journey, at least at this point until im much more experienced, demands I stick to a path.

What I desire from the path:
Source of neutral programmable energy(example the black sun)
Effective protection from other sorcerors and malicious entities
Access to vampiric magick
To be able to conjure spirits, attach them to vessels, and establish an effective link to communicate.
To be able to astral travel freely.(this one is on me I got a mental block atm).
Good for active astral senses
Ways of accumlating power and increasing the amount one can hold.

Thank you in advance. Please drop book recommendations and links if you can.


That’s a tough one to provide, you may do better to work out what you want or need to believe, then go looking for evidence; for example, that all things which happen to you are for your own benefit, to enable you to grow.

Once you pick your beliefs, or rather, identify the seeds you already hold, they will be easy to prove, just look for evidence.

Anything that provides pillers of belief about the nature and purpose of existence usually comes with some kind of moral undertone.

I say this because “Source of neutral programmable energy(example the black sun)” tends to not exist in the same paths that provide one with a strong belief system, about what life is, where it comes from and where it’s going.

And vampiric magick usually belongs more to the amoral paths as well, which shy away from providing belief systems about anything. :thinking:

2 Likes . … The Power Meditations volumes 1,2,3 free PDF .
The Satanic Witchcraft book there as well.
Also Franz Bardon’s book, Initiation Into Hermetics.
These are for increasing personal power and knowledge


I dont care for morals I care for principle mechanisms I can understand and use to better interact with the subtle world.

The process you described is pretty much what azazel told me last night. He said it is my choice. And that I can create a source of power for myself. I asked him if i should perform a ritual of self initiation and he said yes in 5 days. So im guessing he will be there to initiate with me.

I need to write up a ritual for it and I need to grasp a few core principles.

Thank you lady Eva, I’ll use your process to construct my system :grin:

I’m a fan of satans library. Took 3 years of my life haha.

That gentile nation is a good source. Thank you