It is necessary to grow up to magic, or why not everyone believes that it exists

You’ve probably come across this more than once. Someone will say that all this is nonsense, someone will say that everything, on the contrary, is very real.

Arguing on this topic will be pointless, because the opponents will never come to an agreement, and everyone will remain with their opinion.

And now I will explain to you why this is happening (only briefly, so that those who are interested in it will gain some understanding for themselves).

Regardless of whether you believe in magic or not, you and I have all been reincarnated many times (or rather, our soul). She has come a long way: we have been everything in our previous incarnations. And it really is. There are many examples and proofs of our transcendence on the Internet.

For example, it is not particularly difficult for me to introduce you into a light trance state, and you will be able to observe who you were in previous lives. I will say more — you will see whole films about yourself, which are impossible to come up with. These scenes and your feelings will be so real.

Anyone who wants to can try. But that’s not what I’m talking about right now. I’ll tell you about a certain “classic”.

All our incarnations can be called a “monad”. They can be male and female. And there are mixed ones, for example, 3 times a female incarnation, and then three times a male one. For the system, we are one — the one who was now and the one who was 300-500 years ago are the same person, hence the responsibility for what we did in the past, in other words, karma. And by solving karmic stories, we grow, release our energy, untie the karmic knot, reveal our abilities, change our lives for the better, and get what we would like.

So, going back to where I started, it is worth highlighting the so-called 4 castes of people. This is neither good nor bad. It’s just the way it is. And now you will understand why this is the case, and even begin to understand more about the people around you:

There are people of the first caste — these are young souls who, in principle, have little interest in life other than eating well, they do not need knowledge, they speak little, and gain some experience that will be useful to them in further incarnations. But they are good workers, quite strong and hardy (like some kind of guest workers). We were all like that once. This caste can be called “Workers”.

Next, there are 2 castes. These are people who have been reincarnated many more times and have gained some experience. They have basically 2 interests in life: sex and money. They are also called “Merchants”. They succeeded in this. Such people are friends with money, and in sex they often prefer promiscuous sexual relations. It is not so much the quality that is important to them as the quantity. They can chat on the phone for a long time, it is unclear why, collecting gossip. They usually don’t believe in anything beyond the natural, if they believe in God, that’s a good thing.

So, we come to the third caste, it can be called “Warriors”:

These are the people who, for example, go to the “rocking chair” and build muscles, or struggle with the world, and with others. They will test the world and themselves for strength.

Due to this, they develop and strengthen their willpower, and then, becoming more calm, adequate, processing their anger, such people begin to understand that there is something more significant than sex and money.

They can become interested in politics, expanding their horizons, and if their profession coincides with the task of their caste, they can realize themselves quite well in life.

Well, there are 4 castes — they can also be called “Sages”. There are scientists, intellectuals, psychologists, doctors, architects, people of intelligence. For them, the main need is knowledge. They are interested in a lot of things, and without information they remain hungry. But they cannot be sated. They want to know more and more.

Why is that? Because the universe is interested in our development and growth. These are older souls who have gained some experience and knowledge in the past. They do not reject everything indiscriminately and quite agree that there is something more and more important, like UFOs, energy, unknown and unusual phenomena that cannot be explained by simple logic, including esotericism and magic.

So, to sum up, if you are interested in the unusual knowledge that you can get, it is worth assuming that you are either people of the 4th caste, or you are in the transition zone from 3 to 4. And have already grown to a higher level.

Now back to those who don’t believe. Again, these are people of the 1st or 2nd caste, and nothing supernatural is written into their worldview or that they cannot understand, and do not want to. And this is not because they are two-biters, but because they just have other interests.

Well, in conclusion, for clarity, I will give you an example of working with a married couple, so that you can understand how this may look in our everyday life. Most recently, I worked on a sexual topic with a young couple from Voronezh.

My husband is a regular visitor to the fitness center, a jock. And the wife is clearly of the 2nd caste. Her problem was that she needed a lot of sex and almost every day. The claim to her husband: “He doesn’t want me.”

And what about the husband? He says that: “She’s cool, there’s a lot of good in her, but I don’t need so much sex.” And again, it’s worth noting that sex is a kind of “pillow of happiness” — that’s what I call it. When you and I don’t have global problems, it covers us. But if there are family difficulties inside, then he “flies” in the first place.

Then it turns out that her husband would like to watch the news, but she is not interested, she retells gossip (stories from the lives of friends), is not particularly interested in anything, and in general, communication with her does not bring him pleasure, there is a great misunderstanding. He calls her to the fitness center, and she is lazy, wants to sleep or hang out with her friends.

When I told him about the theory of castes (based on the materials of B.M. Monosov’s works), he said: “Oh, right, she recently told me that she wants to resign from a well-paid position and go to trade (open her own small business related to trade and risks), since this topic is closer to her”.

So I still have work to do here to align the relationship, it is necessary to raise it to the level of my husband, as far as possible. And he also needs to add some states, which will even out their relationship and smooth out the sharp corners.

Summarizing what has been said, it is worth saying a few words about people who turn to magicians and esotericists. This can be clearly traced by customer requests. If a person is interested in work, the problems that arise here, then this is a person of the first caste.

If he is interested, for example, in business, or personal problems, besides, he is verbose and sociable, then this will most likely be 2 castes.

If he is dealing with a problem related to power, for example, how to raise his status by taking a new position, or he has some kind of beats with the world, this is the third one.

And if he is interested in development, cognition, he wants to understand and build his movement, then this is the four. Such people try to bring their problem to a final solution.

So evaluate yourself, your loved ones, draw conclusions, and probably you shouldn’t prove anything to anyone, because everyone will remain with their opinion.

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