Issues with sending energy

Hello everyone

I have been practising energy work for a while now, but though I can definitly get a feeling of the energy in differents parts of my body, I have always had troubles with actually sending it outside of myself

One thing I would like to get better at is sending feelings and emotions to other people. I understand that you have to generate that feeling inside of you for them to feel it, but while I can absolutly do that, whenever I try to send that energy, I get absolutly no response. For instance, I know about an exercice which involves making people turn around by looking at them, or projecting lustful feelings to people to get body responses, and while I understand the theory and how it is supposed to work, I don’t get any result.

I can evoke the emotion/feeling within my self, turn it into a symbol by giving it a shape and a colour, but that’s pretty much it. So I guess the issue might come form the action of projecting the energy.

Do you have any tips ?

Thanks for your answers and have a nice day

One thing to understand is that not everyone is affected by projected energy. If they have a naturally strong aura, or anhedonia, they can be difficult to influence. Also keep in mind when projecting something like lustful thoughts that you can have an inward effect on someone but not necessarily any external sign of that effect, meaning you could make someone horny, but they won’t show their feelings.

Thanks for you answer.

I understand that, I think it would be useful to find some labile/flexible system that easily respond to energy. Perhaps animals, plants, or water ?
Do you have any experience with that kind of practice ? and if you have, may you please share any tips/mental states that may be useful ?

Uncle Chuckie recommends visualising a drill into the back of the neck of random people while sitting on the bus. In any sort of crowd, you are bound to find someone greatly affected so maybe your focus is too wide when you seek to externalise. Instead of a sniper rifle, you are using the spray and pray technique.

Have you tried using psi balls?

Yes, I know about psiballs, but while I instantly feel the pressure, the warmth and the tingling in my hands, I think my mind doesn’t respond quite well to the command “throw” or release. It kinda stays in my hands, or at least I don’t get any sort of feedback that confirms the ball has actually been thrown. Might explain why I don’t see any effect.

I think one good exercice would be to try throwing actual balls or objets while becoming aware of all the sensations associated with the action: the release of pressure, etc…So we may be able to reproduce them within the mind.

I like the drill metaphor, thanks for it. Do you know in which Chuckie book it is taken ?

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If you are not influencing people, perhaps you are not putting enough energy or intent into what you are trying to do. These are normal, insensitive people all who have different tolerances and natural blocks to energy. Remember when you first started to manipulate energy and you had a hard time even feeling the energy? Most people would be oblivious, which is what makes this sort of work incredibly effective if you build up enough power first.

Have you tried any energy gathering/cultivating exercises?

As for throwing energy, a good exercise to do to build up that awareness that you have actually thrown it is start with psi balls. Make a psi ball in your hand, and then throw it at a wall, much like the exercise you suggested above. Move it to the wall and back to your hand. Keep it up until you feel and know that you actually throwing the energy. Confidence is key.

I havent read any of Uncle Chuckies stuff, so idk about him xD

Thanks for the tips !

As for energy gathering, I am quite able to do it through dance or chant, in public, not so much. Perhaps I should dwelve deeper into Kundalini or Chakra work.

I’ll try your exercice and report later on !

Any other ideas are welcomed of course !

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I hope your joking about experimenting on unwilling subjects!
There’s a damn good reason why the physical work using volunteers instead of jabbing needles into every one they meet before asking “how do you feel”! If I catch anyone doing that to me I’ll meet your gaze… then I’ll break your nose!

I do not intend to harm anyone. I just wanted to understand how to project a noticible but harmless physical sensation to someone without attributing that to the placebo effect. Sorry if my intentions seemed evil.

Hm… maybe I got a bit riled up there… I’m sorry as well… it’s a sensitive subject for me…

No problem :slight_smile:

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