Issues with Bune Pact

Hi everyone. Very grateful for this forum. Wondering if I might get some guidance. A week ago I made a pact with Bune. My evocation and ritual was via Jason Miller SS and it was by the letter. I felt Bunes presence strongly and heard clearly that the pact was accepted. Almost immediately I began getting movement and traction in the areas I specified in my pact. Then after about 3 days it has gone back to total scarcity and crickets in new income and career advancement. I’ve spent time meditating with them and “feel” like I’m connecting and getting encouragement but honestly it’s been almost another week and the whole thing feels as if it’s plateaued. Results stopped. Very quick hit but not what I asked for. I haven’t given up hope or belief and know how incredibly helpful Bune can be for others and I want this movement to continue for me as well. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if there is any suggestions on how I might move forward with this. I’m very grateful for Bune coming through in the first place but need more support. Thanks!

Perhaps you are a little bit too anxious for results?

I am very anxious. State of survival

If you are certain she accepted the pact I wouldn’t worry about it. I highly doubt she renege on the deal. Just be patient. It is possible that you are slowing things down though by worrying and focusing on a particular outcome. Your imagination is a powerful thing and often we let them run like an unattended garden hose on full blast. You should focus on literally anything else other than your problem. Less chance of messing up the results that are brewing under the surface.

As certain as I can be. I felt what I felt and heard what I thought I heard.
Thanks very much for this sage view.

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