Issue with ancient languages & pronouncing words

Regarding spells / incantations in a different language, such as Hebrew, Greek, or Latin: how important is it to get the pronunciation and emphasis correct? For example I have a ancient Latin spell and I think I have translated it ok, but nothing has happened for over three months. My seminary training was in ancient Hebrew, not Latin.

I guess just a dumb question: why use an ancient language? Is there something that stops the entity from understanding us in our native language? Why is an ancient or foreign one needed?

I am still a newbie in all of this… So many questions at this point.

Thanks all
Wichita, KS


From my experience (and I could be wrong) it’s more the intention that I have than pronouncing the “right” words.

If you have been working something for 3 months with no visible results in your life, perhaps there are some other issues my friend. Might I suggest booking a Personal Consult with E.A., using the eBook, or first taking a personal assessment:

  1. Are you a beginner?
  2. Where is your skill set…right NOW in this cycle of time? How are you at Divination? Can you see and hear Entities yet?

Perhaps you are putting the proverbial cart before the horse.



Can you translate it in English and say one verse in Latin then again in English then next verse in Latin and then that line in English and so forth?
I believe Mode is right about the intent. I know I’ve butchered pronunciations and still got results.

Latin in other times was the lingua franca or second language used by everyone and its influence those times is understable.

Nowadays theres no need of that, yet I understand it can help the magician to assume the “switch” from daily life to his “magical identity” as much as a robe ot a candle can.

Donald Michael Kraig states its important the pronunciation of hebrew as our universe was crafted by using 22 sounds of its alphabet, but this wouldnt relate to latin. So in hebrew yes, in latin no need

As mode says whats more important is the intention that the language pronunciation, the english I use wotks wonders even its not my birth language

In enochian its also said to be important the right pronunciation and errors are recommended to be avoided (and thought to bring troubles to the magician)