Is this demon able to destroy an entity or servitor (one who interferes with me) that is bound to an object?

I’m new to the KoF grimoire.

TIA. :slight_smile:

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He should, as his specialty is to destroy the enemies of the sorcerer, is it not? I don’t have my copy at hand right now so I’m not too sure.

Once he has taken out the entity, you might have to destroy the physical object though, as it would be a link to the spirit and possibly enable it to come back.

I don’t have access to the object. It’s a ring. It belongs to an attacker who has now been cut off from their magickal authority/power. In other words, bound. However, I would have thought that would mean the person in question couldn’t recreate the entity or bind another one to the ring?


Also, I don’t understand how, if the entity in question has been destroyed, how it could come back even if the ring is still intact? How could there still be a link between the ring and the destroyed entity? (What I mean by destroyed is, the entity no longer exists.)


Because the First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. So the spirit is never completely gone. It can reconstitute itself eventually, no matter what is done to it.

When a spirit is bound to a physical object, that object becomes infused with the energy of that spirit, thus making it a beacon and a “home,” until it is either cleansed or destroyed. Even if the powers of the attacking magician are bound, the ring still holds the imprint, so to speak of, whatever was bound to it and the remains of the spirit could hide in the ring to gather itself back together.

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Fortunately, I received some guidance regarding the ring this entity is bound to. I can invalidate the link between the entity and the ring and the intention behind it, and I have a ritual for that (from another grimoire). However, if that ritual doesn’t produce the desired result for some reason, then I’ll consider asking Forcalor to do the job.

Regarding the entity eventually reconstituting itself, I’m not feeling concerned about that. I already have a lot of protection in place, but also, Ismaelta is said to guard the Operator all times, once summoned. By the time the entity manages to reconstitute itself, and because the person who possesses the ring (and the rest of the coven) has been bound, there’s nothing to bring the entity back to me.

I’m just trying to figure out how to word my request to Ismaelta now. :slight_smile:

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Hi, do you have some update on Ismaelta summoning?

Yes, the entity in question was destroyed after the link was severed.