Is working with Lilith considered appropriating from Judaism?

This is probably a really stupid question, but I really wanted to hear you guys’ opinions on this subject (especially since I know a lot of people on here have worked with Lilith on their path).

There’s unfortunately been some discourse lately on other platforms about how working with Lilith is considered religious appropriation. To my knowledge (as little as there is), Lilith existed as a deity/entity in Sumerian mythos (and is synchronized with other mother goddesses) prior to Judaism. There’s also her archetype as Lucifer’s wife and partner in Luciferian-Satanism. There’s been some back and forth between Jewish practitioners, with some saying that Lilith hates humans and would never work with one and therefore anyone claiming to work with her is lying/parasitized, while there are a few other Jewish practitioners saying that it’s perfectly fine to work with her. I’m not sure if Judaism itself is considered a closed religion either? I know you’re typically born into it, but you can also be converted as well. Some people are saying to just ask Lilith herself, but one side of the argument completely erases the possibility of communication and will simply say “you didn’t talk to the real Lilith because she would never talk to a human etc etc”. As I personally am not Jewish nor work with Lilith, I’m extremely confused about the whole situation.

If you’re Jewish, used to be part of the religion, or work with Lilith and can hear her opinion on it, please sound off below!

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The mythology of Lilith is distinctly Judaic, being full of misogyny and fear of female sexuality, and there is no real direct evidence connecting her to any earlier goddesses from Sumeria or Babylon.

However, as anyone who has worked with spirits long enough knows, they very much transcend their mythology so I don’t think it would be appropriation any more than an American working with the Norse, or the Greek, pantheons would be because working with a spirit from a culture is not the same thing as stealing from that culture. For one thing, I doubt anyone who works with Lilith treats her the way the Judaic peoples did.


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Thank you for your answer! That’s what I was thinking too. The argument seemed especially confusing due to the fact that it’s well-known that many Abrahamic religions tend to use certain stories to vilify women sexuality and power, so the cultural context is important.

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