Is white candle ok?

So i wanted to evoke lucifer but i don’t have any other candle as i only have a white candle. I wanted to know if it is okay to use just that same candle for evoking lucifer or any other entity? Or should i use different candle for different entity or anything that has to do with magick?

no need. i use white candles for every spirit so it should be fine for you too :))
or you just make your own coloured candles if you want


Yes, you can use a white candle. White and black are universal colours and can generally be used for evoking any spirit.

Yes, you can use the same candle for evoking other spirits as well. As I previously stated in another thread asking this same question, candles in evocation are generally used for illumination only, so their colour does not matter, unless you are working within a specific system that uses colour correspondence.

I have evoked demons, angels, and elementals all with the same blue candles because they were all I had at the time so don’t get too hung up on worrying about it.


Thank you friend! ^ω^ hugs you

Ooo how do i make candles? Is it easy or hard?

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it depends… idk i never made candles lol but for that you should have candle kit, you can search it in amazon and for crafting them, theres alot of information avalible on internet so you can search in there :slight_smile:

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Hopefully when i get my own card I’ll download amazon for now I’ll go with white candle ^^ but thx for the info


Use whatever the fuck you want…

The entity’s only cares about your intentions and trues dedication at heart to them.

I know from my own expirience


I’ve used electronic candles before.


@anon73484242 White candles are fine. They represent purity and light. So Lucifer as the illuminator it works well.


lmao oh my god i love memes and vines man so thanks for that

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Some use the white candle to start the ritual and light the Black one which will be on as long as the ritual is done. It’s like the hsss sounds before a ritual and shhh to end it. It’s everything ritualistic and piercing the veil to connect to the Qliphot


Well i dont have black candles sadly

White candles represent purity and light so yes!

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