Is using blood as an offering for a curse dangerous?

Would it be harmful towards myself to use a blood sacrifice of my own blood to give to a demon such as Flauros or Andras to curse someone? What I would do hypothetically is soak the sigil in blood and also burn some blood. I just don’t know if that would somehow link my energy to some destructive energy. I have no hangups with dealing with demons like this though, I just want to make sure that I’d do it right


Usually you give offerings of your own blood if the relation to that entity is extremely deep. Other times I don´t recommend that.

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If it’s specifically suppose to be an offering, I state as much out loud. Blood offerings only go to demons I’m cool with.

It sounds like you’re using blood as a spell amplifier(aka, vanilla blood magik), which isn’t the same thing. In that case, you’re good. Just spill the blood and state your intention for the energy. Don’t pronounce it as an offering.


When I do blood sacrifices I state allowed ‘‘please accept this offering’’ but in my mind I imagine the demon might want to use the blood as an amplifier if it chooses.

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I want a deep connection with all goetic demons and all the infernal demons that I can work with in this life, I feel like that would make me closer to becoming complete spiritually and mentally

I have to point out that you don´t have give your blood as offering to deepen the connection. In fact, I don´t recommend it since you haven´t brought up any exceptional situation up. Unless any of them have asked ffor it, I don´t recommend it.


ive only done it once it was to master furfur he was amazing with the work he did but i have a very deep conection to him so best to have that first then offer it

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Hmmm interesting points, so I should only use the blood specifically as an amplifier unless I know 100 percent for a fact blood is desired…
Can blood then be used as an amplifier for any demon working without asking?

Yes. For pretty much for anything unless they tell you otherwise.


Cool thanks everyone. That’s good to know since blood magick works really well for me

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I guy put a spell recently, and a member say can i use my blood is the ritual say whit curse,? Which guy say well use pig blood. .which i can adapt to cows blood. Instead of my. Better b safe

No its not dangerous. I use it on hexes n curses. I work with Azazel who is a very poweful fallen Angel who i have a deep bond with.

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