Is this the right way to contact a norse god?

After almost 2 years I decided to go back to doing magick so I start with Norse gods. Do I just pick up their runes, stare at it and chant their name? Because that’s the first thing I can only come up with… any proven methods I can try to contact them?

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I do not use runes or anything such as a sigil to speak with them. Normally, I simply call them by their name. I have had excellent results with this. So, use what you like to use and see how it works for you!


I received a fast reply though I don’t know if it’s really Odin. So that means aid is given when calling their names in my mind? Do you hear them loud and clear enough? I forgot how to train this skill, I will try meditation

Typically you just have to @anon39079500

Let’s see if one shows up this time.


I started with the demonolatry and moved towards more aggressive methods as neded. Still take that approach. Respect is the better approach WHEN the spirit is more complex, which can take experience. If there’s a question, discontinue and do your banishment rituals.

If it feels more like an ankle-biting dog than Cerebus, the guardian of the Underworld, break off and try another day.

Worthwhile spirits are complex and shouldn’t have to tell you how badass they are. You have a spark inside you that connects to the dicine Source, not necessarily someone’s name of God. Find it. Connect with it. Become what you should be