Is this spirit really Belial?

Hi. I am new and I’ve been drawn to this website. I was wondering if someone could help me fulfill this personal mystery. I’ve never heard of Belial until I had mental breakdown when I was 14 years old. Rough patch in life - had terrible mother, moved from school to school and was bullied.I was introduced to an evocation card game by some peers in a therapy group. At home, I continued playing this card game. I’ve began seeing spirits coming through my room mirror. Telepathically, something introduced itself to me as Belial. So here are two main events with him:

  1. I saw him in a dream. It was a small military fort overlooking a desert. He was in the form of a man wearing a swazika. He looked at me and I was wearing a wedding dress. I am African-American, so the swazika part threw me off.

  2. I saw the same get beat up in a dream. Bound in chains, getting punched by invisible forces. I woke up because I’ve heard a thump and felt something small being thrown at me. It turned out to be a tooth. I checked my teeth, all were intact.

Now my question is: is this really Belial or another spirit? In fact what are your opinions about what is going on?


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As for your question, I have also seen Lord Belial in a desert like setting, but I’m not too sure about the rest. So I recommend waiting for someone with more experience to answer.