Is this something energetic? Need input please

Okay so basically since I was a child (elementary school)…during random times the bridge of my nose will feel “hard” or like there’s blanket of pressure on the bridge of my nose. When this happens my airway is clear and everything. No stuffy nose either.

I did notice this seems to happen when I smell things and I get a weird pressure feeling on the bridge of my nose and kinda spreads to under my eyes (sorta). It’s really weird. Happened today while I was trying to meditate (to astral project).

Does anyone have an opinion?

It sounds like your ethmoid and maxillary sinus are effected by the blood pressure changes as you meditate it’s quite normal and can be more obvious if your laying down as the blood stays in the same place or if you using nasal breathing techniques.

You don’t need to have nasal symptoms for them to be effected, staying hydrated helps.

Before you meditate you can try pressing the pressure points near the bridge of your nose and eye socket For 30 secs Repeat 3 times.

Hey that’s just my opinion sorry it’s not a magical one :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Now why would meditating cause that to happen? It doesn’t just happen when I meditate, but when I smell things and randomly to …

My blood pressure shouldn’t be high…