Is this serious?

I thought this was something about medidation and health, I was in a bad state of mind at the time, so I created an account. I wanted to delete it later but completely forgot about it.

that’s where you need to read more.
Science has proven a lot of what goes on here. You’re still thinking on the lines of Harry Potter, of course science hasn’t proven that, but it did prove Dark Matter, and Vibrations which are used in some Magick.


Start watching Ryan Cropper on YouTube and join his FB group then. That’s more at your level.


So are you trying to “death by mod” with insults etc., because I can just block your account if you ask? You have a PM from me and I’m happy to do so.


So, you came here to meditate on good health? Did it work for you?

If no:
You clearly didn’t work hard enough. If you’re at this point of doubting so hard, you clearly didn’t work or believe enough.

If yes:
Then why the doubts? Why even say you don’t believe?


From your own intro

What does shapeshifting have to do with meditation and health?


Nothing, I was joking.

Was just about to ask that :laughing:

:woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

I feel the same

LOL again you didn’t understand what you were talking about. I’m guessing you were talking about physical shifting? Hollywood?
I haven’t gotten into this subject yet but there are those here who have and i believe its astral no physical.


I am because I realized how stupid that decision was.

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I sense electricity in the air. Could it be mjollnir the mighty ban hammer?


I’ve popped a 14 day suspension on this member, if they want to make it permanent once that expires then that’s fine, we have a big Full Moon coming up and threads like this tend to drive people crazy enough to be a waste of time and energy.


No you closed your mind out of subconscious fears.

I’m not sure what you want here, do you want us to “talk you into it” or “prove you wrong”? If you read the forum it does prove you wrong. I’ve seen you make posts before thou i don’t remember where so i know you’ve looked around.
If you really don’t believe it, that’s your reality not the worlds.


I was kinda hoping it was just someone wanting to dispel some doubts but doesn’t seem that way :confused:


I feel kinda bad for them, because I kinda acted a little too sassy. I had to delete one of my comments. :flushed::dizzy_face:
Eh, hopefully they’ll come back with some actual sense… :thinking:

Crap… Full moon and another demon child has me acting deranged…


Same, if it is they can still read this thread and the ban isn’t permanent, they have 14 days to think whether the forum’s right for them, and come back with a clean slate. :+1:


I can see the dilemma. Being both a practicing witch and a scientist, it is difficult. The spiritualist in me is driven towards the faith, the scientist in me sometimes rolls her eyes into another dimension. It has taken years and a lot of hard work to find sure footing in both.

But you know this has been a wonderful learning experience. At the end of the day, there are things in this universe science is still trying to catch up to. Even I cannot ignore the margin for error in science. Much of what we know is still just widely accepted theory. I mean, technically gravity is still just a theory as we have not yet (as far as I know) been able to observe and measure the graviton particle.

A true scientist would never outright say that all Magick was not real. There are some things we just so happened to prove are not real, but others were provided evidence of validity. We are not out to disprove anything. Rather out to understand how something works if it actually does work…Because if it does work, we would want to replicate it for the benefit of humankind.

Even if science were to someday find an explanation for all paranormal phenomenon, I don’t believe that it would take the Magick out of it, that instead it would be Magickal in a different way. I know there is no bright ball of magick in the sky, but rather a star in the center of our solar system that offers us light and heat. That doesn’t make it less beautiful first thing in the morning as it comes up over the hills.

Even science can be a magickal experience. I am biological psychologist. I spend half of my day in a lab looking at slices of cadaver brain under a microscope. Imagine, that piece of tissue was part of an organ that housed a persons entire life. Their personality, their life experiences…everything. And I get the honor of dissecting, observing and documenting that organ. That is a profoundly magickal experience for me.

You can believe it or not. It is entirely up to you. But for some of us, it gives us something. It gives us something we can hold on to. Something to believe in. Something beautiful in the dark and twisted world full of people out dim the light of others.


Blowing out birthday candles , making wishes you know silly things like that lol :wink: