Is this part of my Journey?

Yesterday night was a huge success for me. I woke up last night and felt this intense feeling of energy and when I checked the time, it was 434 (a synchronicity number for me) I know somethings present so i grab my cards and get to it. It asked only a few questions, but it would lie to me, tell me its a different entity then it really is, but it almost felt it was in a playful way. Coming away from this i was a little upset. I didnt get the answers i was looking for so it was a fail in my eyes. Then i realized, i gave an offering to azazel about a week ago to bring me on a path to make me become more like my younger better self. And one of the rules to my deal was:It could not lead to psychosis (because last time my third eye opened I got psychosis) So now im pretty sure i have it figured out. Spiritual awakenings must take time so it doesnt end bad. The knowledge held to make these awakenings happen is with Azazel and he is withholding information from me for my own good. Im probably rambling but i would very much appreciate some imput into my thinking, thanks.

If it was surely him he would never lie about who he is…I feel like your open enough to notice simplicity in the changes of energy try and call on him again and ask your truest questions to see what you vet

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