Is this Normal?


im relatively new to Evocation, 2 month since i begin the study and Practice of This GP,

This Week, i do an Evocation of Hala’thor to bring me succes in My new Job(Practicing Binary trade).

This Evocation was the most intense that i have ever done,
Really Clear, Really Intense and i already see the Result

There is my Question, It been 3 days since i have done the Evocation, and Each Time i begin to do trading, I feel the Presence of Hala’thor and my Heart Rate begin to accelerate, it does this all the time and when i finish doing trade it take some time to calm down, when i dont feel His Energy it calm down,

I think that its Probably caused by the Presence of Hala’Thor near me that cause this heart rate speed.

But i am not sure,

What do you think about that ?


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That’s happened to me sometimes - I can sense, feel, even taste and smell the spirit’s presence when I’m doing stuff that’s connected to the evocation or other work involving them. I love it! :slight_smile:

Increased heart rate is a reasonably common experience, as well - I did a personal experiement that touched on physical energy use during evocation (particularly) last year, and a follow-up recently, I posted about those here: Experiment Report : Sugar Loading Prior To Major Work.

It may be that our bodies use energy in a different way during evocation and very heavy magickal work, and it’s possible that this effect is kicking in for you when you go to involve yourself in areas of life affected by the work?

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Spirits can definitely accelerate your heart beat, especially if there are multiple spirits around you it can feel like being on amphetamines, like if the energy gets any more intense your freakin heart is going to explode right out of your chest although it never actually does.

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Thanks for Answering!!

I Really Like Evocation, it is so Simple and so Profound at the Same Time, it work so well to Achieve Goal, both Inner and Exterior Goal,

I Practice by the past so many “Magickal working” that work only on a “Higher Plan” i understand now that it was complete fraud. Real Magick is proved by Tangible Result, it is this that Brought me to E.A Koetting teaching.

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@Mephistor, i evoked him too yesterday, and it was really intense. 2nd day from that evocation, looks like what I asked for is on it’s way. Anytime I think of it, I hear a reassuring voice telling me not to worry I’ll get it. His evocation has so far been the most intense one I’ve done.

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