Is This Marbas?

Hi guys. I’ve been continuing evocation using the Kama’Kala incantation from EA Koetting. I’m trying very hard to reach out to and form a relationship with Marbas, who I heavily align with. He is a healer, and I am a medical scientist. He teaches the mechanical arts, and I have a minor in physics. He “can transform men into other shapes”, and that’s what I’ve been seeking for a long time.

In my attempts, I keep being shown the same image. I think it’s Marbas, but I need verification. I’ve spent a few hours with photoshop making an image that resembles what I see very closely (sigil added for embellishment).

Does this strike you as Marbas? He is said to appear as a lion after all. And I get a very intense feeling that I’m not quite sure how to describe when I gaze into it.

Ive never worked with Marbas, however, I think this is really cool :smiley:

My first impressions are: it screams true. There is def. something behind that.

People see spirits differently, its based on their perception of reality. What you should be concerned about is: does this strike you as true? Is this how you see Marbas? I think that is a very cool form he has put out for you, and the reasons for working with him are excellent. I hope you learn lots from him/or are inspired by him to be better than what you are.

Just because someone doesnt see Marbas this way does not mean that your perception of him is wrong. Keep on working, and things will become clearer.

I think this is a reason why some people dont really describe how the demons look when talking about experiences with them. They dont want to discourage other practitioners when they see something different (not that there is anything inherently wrong with sharing! Its just negative self-talk that the offending practitioner needs to work past. Different is not equivalent to wrong…Then again I am just spit balling thoughts here).

Ill look up Marbas, and do an evocation and see what I see. Ill report if I can get a clear visual. If not well :confused: my mind is fickle haha

I felt the same way; glad you get that vibe too. When I saw him the first time, I was half awake (that brief state halfway between sleep and wakefulness) and the image was very sharp. He almost slightly smiled at me. And now, I see that image in the back of my mind from time to time, like it’s just always on the edge of my awareness.

It does strike me as true, very much so. Part of me thinks that Marbas has been with me, trying to contact me, for a long time. In knowing who I am and my interests in blending aspects of animals and people, as well as in knowing that I have both feminine and masculine qualities, it’s interesting that he chose to appear this way. To me, it’s extremely beautiful.

I definitely hope you’re right. Now if only he would speak…

Thanks so much! I’ll look forward to it.

Also, an updated/better quality image: