Is this King Belial?


I never made any contact with him but I am thinking to do so. King Belial appeared to me in this form and told me his name. I am truly terrified when I had this vision and he told me that I am not ready. What should I do? Does this mean he wants to make contact?


You can ask Belial why do i fear when you appear, is there a way you could help me to over come fear, and how will you let me know when i am ready, i tell you what that is a awesome picture of Belial. Hope this will help.


I remember the terror. Actually, that is pretty tame, he can look even scarier than that if he wants too. I suggest some meditation, some deep breathing exercises.

I recall how it took a bit to actually be able to see him. Take your time. Don’t feel you have to rush.


Not him. He has pale skin, dark brown eyes and short cut neatly combed blonde hair. I would seriously check to see what is messing with you.


Spirits are incorporeal and take many different forms. Some are more consistent than others.

This sounds similar to my experiences with him. Sometimes, he’ll throw some sort of “challenge” at me, and if I fail it, he’ll mutter stuff like “You’re not ready.”

Knowing him, it very well could be. He likes it when people take initiative when he denies them (so long as you’re not throwing a temper tantrum and/or being disrespectful).

I’d say make contact. If you’re still not sure if it’s him, ask for his sigil.


Belial has shown me many different forms including anthropomorphic cat people, dragons, undead, gargoyles, dragons, and yeah and that scary guy with the eyes and teeth. He has legions that can all show up at once, or one at a time.
@Meowlix, what exactly do you do to get the fair and humane shape, evoke him following the directions of the lesser key (what version?) to the letter?


Yes, that’s how King Belial appears to me as well. He is not as frightening as some texts make him out to be, but he is an intense presence. Personally, I find that form a bit attractive, so not sure how helpful I can be…


Jastiv. Belial tends to mirror my own knowledge sets, expectations and generally Will when evoking. I make up my own rituals such as evokation scripts and then I go into meditation with his classic sigil and Vibrate his name with intent to connect (not the Enn) and call out whatever scripts and other ritual offerings I wont go into except that Yes Blood is needed.

What I mean is that when I first heard about him was the description I heard from Demolateurs of pale skin, shortcut neatly combed blonde hair and dark brown eyes and well dressed. Nothing that hints of horns or anything of a Degenerate nature or Heavy Metal. No beards or body builds of a Viking. He was indeed beautiful though in a masculine and refined sense.

As well as what “thestrangescientist” said he had an extremely dark earthy energy (not all earth) that was Heavy…Also the dark heavy “Light” energy had nothing depressing, creepy or any sort of negative vibes… But rather felt rich and earthy…confident…powerful…Potent…that should come from a Lord of the Earth. His presence fills an entire room and uplifts… You either feel with him or not his energy quickly singles you out and puts you in your place with regards to him. Anyone that says different either is working with a lesser being or just barely tapped into Belial to experience more of his true nature.

What I mean he mirrors mg knowledge sets and expectations. I know spirits take many forms, but theres something to be said about evokation knowledge It is said that God creates man in his image, and then Man does likewise. In creating or evoking spirits the test of whether a spirit survives in this world has to do partially with how it “feeds” for example. A spirits form how it appears does affect how it interacts…which in turn affects how it feeds. A horned demons purpose will be limited in certain human interactions because its nature feeds more off fear. A humanoid form doesnt have that limitation because it can deal with all human emotions more easily.

So to cut it short, I already have my own set of experiences and beliefs that demons are humanoid. But just a number of other things that set the expectation. Thus when he came to me he took that appearance. I also then had a dream where I was facing a pretty lady and her back was to me and oblivious. Belial was standing behind her and playfully spanking lovetapping her Butt to see what Approval rating Id give her. He has a thing for females fine derriere =) which is one sign if it is really Belial as he will always express a certain well developed and powerful fixation for that.

Jastiv. I dont follow the Grimoire. What you do is do alot of research on Belial, and try to pick out all the religious or hollywood stuff amd all the metal bands that use his name and horned demon pictures to try and sound badass. Then you hash out how would a modern “civilized” dark lord appear as and just hold his sigil and ask him for help in this. You must keep in mind to truly show The Demon King respect as a Lord should be respected is that your Will and Intent is that you want him to manifest in a beautiful form fit for a King a modern Lord. Think about it… would a King fit to rule this world really show up with a thousand piercings and long scraggly hair? Not fit for a president or Senator surely. So your Intent on the form you Intend to evoke largely plays in how you are respecting him

In a nutshell do research on him and evoke to have him help you learn more you fill out a more detailes grimoire and soon he will surely show up like that. For me I had a bit of beginners luck as he came to me and I didnt know who he was at first as my first work in Satanism wasnt working with demons but mostly runic magick. Later on I discovered him.