Is this Kali's Sigil?

I needed to jump on really quick to ask a question. I’m in the middle of a writing a spell and have been told by my ancestors I need to work with Kali.

Is this her sigal? Not having much luck with finding answers on the form. Please note, I will not be checking on anything until next week. Any information would be appreciated. :kiss::heartbeat:

Thank you in advance. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Kali is a Hindu goddess. As such, she does not have a sigil, as sigils are more of a part of the Western Magical Tradition than Eastern.

What you posted is called a yantra, and it is generally used for meditation to connect with the goddess. You can use it along with her mantra KREEM.


@DarkestKnight - I saw in my email you had responded to this. I just wanted to hurry up and jump on to grab the link.

Thank You! :+1:

And I appreciate you correcting my spelling. :wink:

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You don’t need a sigil to connect with her , try calling out to her

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@NailOH - Thank You for your input. However, there are certain things I need in order to write and complete a spell before a personal change will occur within the walls of my own heart…

But I did find an article I thought it was interesting and that you may like. I liked the article.

The article is 10 Tips from Goddess Kali on How to Find Inner Strength and it can be found here:

Thank You.

Baal Kadmon has a great book on Kali

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Thank You.

I’ll see if I can find it on Amazon!


For those who have never worked Kali, this is a good video to watch.


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