Is this how invocations are suppose to go?

Well i tried to invoke once again since in that method i can definitely feel something weird happening. So my astral senses are still not that developed, i started by playing the enn chanting on my phone while gazing at sitris sigil then it flashed, put it under a pillow while i lie down and listen to the chanting. Visualized sitris giant sigil floating above me horizontally while emitting light which i liked to think as sitris energy pouring through me. a good hour or so i twitched alot and saw lights on my closed eye. Closed the ritual and enn chanting. lie down on my pillow (still has sitris sigil underneath) and fell asleep after that. i woke up dizzy and tired and i recall random dreams. is it how it goes for everyone?

Are you trying invoke or evoke? Those two are different :wink: and depends on what you were looking to achieve honestly

Invoke. Calling upon the spirits within me. My goal is to speak to them and to gain their wisdom